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Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill

Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill

One of the least known skills in competitive play that can literally destroy an opponent's will to win is sending the winning object ball into the pocket in a slow, barely able to get there roll - AKA "pocket speed". The torture part occurs when contact is made between the cue ball and the object ball and the time it takes for the object ball to spill over the table edge into the pocket.

It's one thing to slam the winning ball into the pocket. There is only emphasis, with no time for the horror of losing to register on your opponent's mind. Bang. It's over. That's being too kind to him. The slam bang win is only beneficial to mark a win against a weaker player. You don't want to destroy that type of shooter. Save the slow roll for players on whom it has a much greater impact - those who beat you before.

Sounds fun and all - but you need to learn this skill and truly master it. Here's a skill strengthening practice pattern.

Start with speed control of the cue ball. Shoot a lag shot until you can come within a half diamond of the rail 7 times out of 10. Then shoot a long table roll to end within 2-3 inches of the rail. Do the same on the short table width - first a lag, then a single table width.

Follow the same progressive pattern shooting the cue ball into an object ball and controlling the object ball speed. When you get a solid feel for the slow roll shot, practice shooting the object ball into a pocket - first a half table distance, then table length. When you master the straight on shots, work with various angles, first by table width, then by table length.

With a slow roll, table length shot, you have time to stroke it, stand up, and, holding your stick in a leisurely pose, watch the object ball barely fall over the pocket lip. Once you are confident that ball will drop, you also have time to scan your audience to get their reactions. Almost all of them will have the same "deer caught in the headlights" frozen look as the object ball crawls to the win.

The slow roll is very effective as a defensive tool also. For example, in 8 ball, you can block open pockets with your balls, or even neatly nudge his blockers away with yours in its place. In 9 ball, if you don't have any open pockets, your skill can nudge balls into near-impossible shots.

A couple of warnings deserve to be mentioned - if the table is not perfectly level, you had better know the curves and sways the object ball will follow. Don't try it on a table you are unfamiliar with. If the shot comes up too short, you look pretty stupid.

Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill

  • Title: Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill
  • Author: (Allan Sand)
  • Published: 9/13/2008 2:14:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/14/2008 2:14:00 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)
  • Source: From the "We Want Your Billiard Tips" contest.

Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill

The Object Ball and Cue Ball Control and Speed Drill article belongs to the Speed and Billiard Ball Control category. Billiard tips for controlling the speed or velocity of the cue ball when making shots.

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