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Drill to Practice Position - "Personal Best 15-Ball"

My interest in shooting pool started about 35 years ago. To make a long story short, I got bored with drills and playing eight ball against myself, so I developed a method of practicing “position”, having fun, and at the same time keeping statistics to improve myself. I have not seen this method published anywhere so I decided to share this idea with anyone that might be interested and at the same time get some feedback from players who have tried it.

I call it “Personal Best 15-Ball”.

Drill to Practice Position - "Personal Best 15-Ball"

Personal Best 15-Ball - A Billiard Drill for Position

The game starts with a regular break. The cue ball is then placed anywhere on the table (ball-in-hand) to start. The idea is to pocket as many balls as possible keeping count of how many misses it took before pocketing all 15 balls. That number is written down (I made a score board out of wood, drilled holes, and use small wood dowels to keep count for each game). Play five games, total up the number of misses then divide by 5 to get the average misses per game.


If the cue ball is scratched at any time, it is placed behind the foot string and any object ball ahead of the string is playable. Any ball pocketed at the same time remains pocketed and it is not considered a miss.

If all remaining balls are behind the foot string, the closest to the string is place on the head spot and that is the only playable ball for the next shot.

As long as these rules are followed with each game, the average will be a true value.

My Method of Practice:

I play 5 racks at one session, use score board to keep count of misses each rack. Post the combined total of all 5 racks on an Excel Spread Sheet for five sessions and it calculates the totals and averages. From January through December I have played a total of 1500 racks with an average of 6 misses per rack. Naturally my goal is 5.

Progress Tracking Sheet

If you know how to use an Excel spread sheet, I will be happy to send you a copy of my work sheet to use with the hope you will let me know of your progress. Here's a scanned copy of the worksheet - this way people who don't have "Excel" or know how to use it can make up a sheet and post to it.

Personal Best 15 Ball Practice Drill Tracking Sheet

(printable version)

My name is Ron Heckler and my e-mail is:


I hope you have found this information helpful and if I can be of further assistance, leave a comment below.

Drill to Practice Position - "Personal Best 15-Ball"

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  • Published: 1/11/2020 3:10:02 AM
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Drill to Practice Position - "Personal Best 15-Ball"

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