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Common Fouls in 8-Ball Pool

Some common "uncommon" 8-ball pool fouls that every player should know about.

Common Fouls in 8-Ball Pool

The game of 8-ball pool is popular throughout the world. In terms of popularity, it can compete with 9-ball pool. For some of you, you might know the 8-ball as the game of pool itself. But with a great game like this, comes many potential fouls.

Here are some uncommon fouls you should know about. At least when you know about them, you won’t be making these fouls in the future.

One foot on the ground

This means you can’t lie on the table with both of your legs hanging off the table in the air! No matter how difficult the shot is, you must always maintain one foot on the ground. Based on this rule, you have to really find or stretch your way around to make the shot possible. Otherwise, you’ll be best left with using the mechanical bridge, which eliminates the need to “fly” yourself on the pool table.

Hitting the white ball twice

If you do this, it is a foul. For example, the most common way this foul happens is when you hit a cue ball which is very near to the target ball. This is especially true when the target ball is touching with the cue ball at the first place. In this case, hitting the cue ball will most likely cause you to hit it twice with your cue stick. Therefore, make the shot quick and brief.

Moving the object ball

An object ball is a targeted ball. Some rules state that you commit a foul when you accidentally move them. But there are other tournament rules that foul you only when you accidentally move the cue ball. Therefore, make yourself clear of the rules first before playing.

Moving the cue ball

This happens during practice strokes before a pool match starts. If you hit the cue ball while practicing and it makes contact with another ball, then you have committed a foul.

Common Fouls in 8-Ball Pool

  • Title: Common Fouls in 8-Ball Pool
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 4/2/2019 5:52:51 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/2/2019 6:14:34 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum

Common Fouls in 8-Ball Pool

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