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USA Pool League

USA Pool League

My local league operator is planning to start a trial session under the rules of the new USA Pool League. This person is well known for adjusting some of the rules to fit local conditions. The way I read the rules, in order to maintain valid player ratings it would be very difficult to do any tinkering with the format of play which is match play one-on-one until one player reaches his established rating. A four-person team would have four matches played in this manner. In the past most of our players have been used to playing a round-robin type of format under BCA rules. Each player on a five-person team plays a one game match with each of at least four players from the opposing team. Does anyone have any knowledge concerning this new league and allowable variations from the prescribed format?

USA Pool League

Replies & Comments

  1. colen35Justanotherevolutionary on 8/14/2009 3:14:26 PM

    Never heard of it, but sounds interesting. I just visited their website and it's pretty in depth. Have you visited yet?

    If not, the address is: http://www.playusapool.com/

  2. colen35Justanotherevolutionary on 8/14/2009 3:31:08 PM

    Meh..think I'll just stick with the good ol APA myself.

  3. colen35colen35 on 8/14/2009 5:03:33 PM

    This is a new league. It was started by CSI (Cue Sports International). They operate the playbcapool.com and playusapool.com websites. I have spent enough time going over the rules and scoring to gain a pretty good understanding of what is going on. It appears to me that it should go a long way in leveling the playing field so that players of all skill levels can compete. This can be important in getting new players interested in competing.

  4. colen35guest on 12/4/2009 10:33:43 PM

    We just started a trial session of USA Pool. First night went well, there were a few upsets. The handicap appears to work well and many of the matches did not run as long as we feared. I have to admit the scoring system is very difficult for players to digest.

  5. colen35chalkitup on 8/24/2010 3:39:13 PM

    Last January they started a NAPA league in my area and it has pretty much taken over the APA. Most of the players switched cause of the cash back program and national championships.

    you can find the league details at http://www.napaplayers.com

  6. colen35sophie hart on 11/27/2010 5:19:53 AM

    I think it is a great opportunity to participate in and to learn from. Can you share some more details?

  7. colen35C. Carl McConnell on 12/14/2010 4:26:37 PM

    I don't see what difference the rules make, we have a system BCAPL that doesn't know it's own rules or is unable to understand them or read them! We have a league operator that introduced a rule to her unknowing membership as another way to play BCAPL 9-Ball. It's call pocket and if you don't call it its ball-in-hand. whoopee. I play 9-ball in another league and was afraid of forgetting the call, thereby giving away a game. Numerous correspondences

    with BCAPL League Officials has either provided no results or verbal at-a-boys without action! When will the BCA get it? When will they desanction this league and return the money paid. That will be a good lesson to the league operator. Do any of you have another way?

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USA Pool League

  • Title: USA Pool League
  • Author: (Colen Thomas)
  • Published: 8/14/2009 12:41:15 PM