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Meucci WR-1 White Rose "Red" Limited Edition Wanted

Meucci WR-1 White Rose "Red" Limited Edition Wanted

I am looking for buy a Meucci White Rose WR-1 cue. I specifically want the "Red" version. This is the limited edition series, not the other more common series HOF-5 or Meucci Classic Series versions.

I had the pleasure of owning one of the these when they were being made to order. Number 147 of 500 if I remember correctly. When I moved from Alabama back to Myrtle Beach, it vanished. This was years ago. I am a single father, so I haven't had time to play like I used to.

Now, my daughter is 15 and has a very good eye for the game. In 5 sessions teaching her the basics of stance and stroke, she has advanced in what took me probably a year of playing when I started many, many moons ago.

As far as shooting with the cue, I have had several cues that seemed to stroke much more fluid, but the design is beautiful and would be a great cue for her to become accustomed to shooting with. I also see Robert Meucci is making a new "glass rose" version limited to 100, but I still like the design of the "Red" version of the White Rose cue. I do not like, nor want the green version (Meucci WR-2), even if it were serial number 1 of 500.

So all said I would like to purchase a "Red" version of the Meucci White Rose Cue, 19 oz. WR-1. Serial Number is not particularly important, though the lower the number, the more I would be willing to pay.

I would prefer it have both (yes, it came with 2) original red dot shafts also (unused if possible). I will purchase a black dot shaft to shoot daily with. I look forward to seeing her shoot with this cue, as it is truly a perfect "girls cue", both elegant and intimidating.

Should someone have 1 they are willing to part with you may email me at meberhardt@clearvueglasscleaning.com to discuss condition, used/unused shafts, serial number, and price.

Meucci WR-1 White Rose "Red" Limited Edition Wanted

Replies & Comments

  1. mikeebsccoastal_tony on 12/9/2011 2:16:04 PM

    How many Meucci Rose cues do you need?

  2. mikeebscmikeebsc on 12/16/2011 9:02:29 AM

    Ha ha nice collection!

    I just need one. Sorry it took a while, it has been a busy month. On eBay looking for stuff for my daughter, working like crazy, and oh yeah, Christmas. LOL. Thanks for the reply, I'll watch my email more closely.

  3. mikeebsccoastal_tony on 12/16/2011 3:39:43 PM

    Here is my email addy if your interested in obtaining more information on one of these Rose cues. I have no-dot, red-dot, and black dot shafts for them. coastal_tony@bellsouth.net

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Meucci WR-1 White Rose "Red" Limited Edition Wanted

  • Title: Meucci WR-1 White Rose "Red" Limited Edition Wanted
  • Author: (Michael Eberhardt)
  • Published: 12/9/2011 12:11:19 AM