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1981 McDermott C-3 Cue for Sale

1981 McDermott C-3 Cue for Sale

Selling this McDermott C-3 pool cue that I've had since 1984. Cue is in GREAT shape, a few SMALL dings, nice and straight. Probably has the original tip. 17.9 oz +/-, 12.63 mm +/-.

At no extra charge, I'll include your choice of the three McDermott cues in the last picture. None of the cues roll straight, they all seem to have a slightly warped shaft. All the butt sections are in great shape, the natural maple American Eagle has a 1/3" ding in the forearm. Check McDermott's site for retired cue pricing.

Selling for $400.00 shipped in the USA

1981 McDermott C-3 Cue for Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 12/15/2011 5:57:17 AM

    Several have asked if this C-3 rolls straight. Yes, this cue is dead on straight. That's pretty good for a cue that's almost 30 years old. The light green Irish linen wrap is real nice. The EXTRA, FREE, American Eagle cue of your choice does have a slight wobble. The Black Panther cue is NO LONGER a free give away cue. I put another shaft on it, and it rolls dead straight. I will post it for sale soon.

  2. coastal_tonyJL on 12/23/2011 4:22:57 AM

    Nice cue. Have lucky in your sale!

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1981 McDermott C-3 Cue for Sale

  • Title: 1981 McDermott C-3 Cue for Sale
  • Author: (Tony Kalisiak)
  • Published: 10/6/2011 3:36:14 PM