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trying new tips

trying new tips

I'm thinking of trying a new tip out. So far i've tried Le pro and my current tip is a triangle tip. I was thinking of something slightly softer than the triangle. Is there any recommendations on tips that you guys like?

trying new tips

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  1. guestMitch Alsup on 5/31/2010 2:12:03 PM

    I hapen to like Talisman Hard Pro tips (81.4)for play (pig not water buffalo). But overall here is the optionis you will be looking at: (The number is the hardness on the durrometer scale; the leters after the number are that manufactures designation S=Soft, M=Medium, H=Hard, X=eXtra)

    Black Jack 63.4 MS 82.9 H
    Everest 75.1 M
    Kamui II 69.6 S 71.3 MS 75 M 81.9 H
    Molavia 66.6 S 73.5 M 80.9 H
    Moori III 63.8 S 74.2 M 82.7 H
    Sniper 66.9 M
    StingRay 78.4 MH
    Super Pro 74 M
    Talisman Pro 64.3 S 73.9 M 81.4 H 86.2 XH Talisman WB 74.7 M 83.2 H
    Tiger 65.3 S 74.5 M 81 H
    Tsunami 75.8 M 82.4 H
    Wizard 75.7 M 80.3 H

    Gad I wish the forums did not try to get rid of the spacing of the original text.

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trying new tips

  • Title: trying new tips
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/29/2010 8:03:33 PM