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What keeps your stick clean?

What keeps your stick clean?

I've seen probably 50 different shaft cleaners out there. Just curious what some of you folks use. Thanks.

What keeps your stick clean?

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  1. JustanotherevolutionaryRcm58 on 11/29/2008 12:41:03 PM

    I've found that wiping the shaft down with a damp cloth followed by a dry paper towel after about every 2 or 3 uses keeps the shaft from bluing. I also mist some Cuetec shaft cleaner/conditioner on a paper towel and wipe it down then buff it maybe every other time I clean it. Its a safe cleaning method as long as the shaft on your cue still has the original sealer that was applied during production and has not been sanded off. I've been using the shafts on the cues I play with for 1 1/2 years now and they still look new.

  2. Justanotherevolutionarybilliardsforum on 11/29/2008 12:46:36 PM

    Check out the posts "cleaning a pool cue shaft" and "chalk on pool cue shaft" you might find something there. One of them (cant remember which) has pool cue cleaning advice from a Master custom pool cue maker.

  3. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 11/30/2008 10:43:51 AM

    Well I did a little research and I guess I'm going to try the Q-wiz disc, it came recommended by Viking, which is the cue I have. Figure they must know something. Couldn't find a single bad review about it. Anyone ever use one?

  4. Justanotherevolutionaryguest on 1/14/2009 10:48:49 PM

    Q-wiz is the only way to go. It has SUPER fine grit, almost like dust on the one side, and leather on the other. I use it on all my sticks, even my new Pechauer PR20. Lightly run the rough side(I do this every so often, not as much as the leather side daily) then run the leather on it until it gets hot, really seals and polishes the shaft, I have 5 of them. FINE steel wool does a great job if it really bad, start with this first if the shaft is not very smooth, even takes out dings if you take your time. Big thumbs up. Mike

  5. JustanotherevolutionaryFenwick on 1/15/2009 5:05:48 PM

    Venting. Q-wiz is good and the cue cube but learning the chalk rule keeps it cleaner. You need to place the chalk face up on the table. It's a pet peeve of mine. Too many players place the chalk sideways or upside down on the rails. The rails and table surface yesterday was covered completely in blue and my hands were filthy. I carry a pool rag like a bowlers towel and wipe down the rails between games.

  6. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 1/15/2009 6:45:34 PM

    I got the q-wiz. I like it well enough. Don't use the rough side much at all though, seems to take off a little more than I like. But the soft side works very nicely. I looked down the shaft after using it and it looked like glass. Very good product, very good price, and the washable and reusable part is a big plus too.

  7. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 1/15/2009 9:13:44 PM

    Also, I have taken up your towel routine Fenwick...good idea, I use a glove and it pains me to no end to get it filthy with other people's careless chalk use. GRrrr. I now carry a rag, just like I do when I golf to wipe down my clubs...the similarities to pool and golf seem to never end =)

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What keeps your stick clean?