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Pool Cue Sticks to My Skin During Shots

Pool Cue Sticks to My Skin During Shots

I am wondering what I can do about a pool cue that sticks to my fingers when I slide it during a shot.

The cues I have came with the pool table I bought and I don't think they're any good. First of all when I shoot, the cue rubs on my skin and it decreases my precision. Not to mention that after a while my hand hurts.

Do I need any special lubrication or something else, or is it just a shitty pool cue?

It also seems like the pool cue is not heavy enough and the tip material is also kind of weird (the chalk doesn't really stick to it).

I just can't seem to make the draw shot and hope it's the pool cue's fault.

Pool Cue Sticks to My Skin During Shots

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  1. BadylMitch Alsup on 7/15/2009 1:21:30 PM

    For a sticky pool cue shaft, the general rule is to get a pyramid of talcum powder (alternately a bottle of baby powder) and apply sparingly to just washed and just dried hands. Now, if you use a very slightly damp kitchen cloth and vigorously rub on the shaft of the cue (to remove any residual hand residue) then use a dry kitchen cloth and vigorously rub on the shaft to burnish the wood. You can then use a carnuba wax (car wax) on the shaft to decrease the friction. Let dry completely (20 minutes min) and then remove and polish like you would your car. After waxing, just a couple of strokes of the shaft on the talc cube will give you hours of friction free shots. Keeping you hands clean is a big part of friction free use.

    The tip can be brought to life with a (course: 80-120 grit) finger nail file. What you are trying to do is to gently roughen the surface so that it holds chalk but not actually remove any material. Hold the cue in one hand and use this hand to turn the cue as you gently stroke the file on the tip following the already present contour. Turning the shaft while filing guarantees a round profile when yo are done.

    You did not specify how heavy the cue is. Beginners tend to like heavy cues as they make it easy to find the bottom of the swing. As you get better, however, many players gravitate towards the lighter end of the weight spectrum so they can hit the CB harder and with more precision. I am currently playing with an 18.25 Oz cue and wondering how to take another oz out of it. Even the break cues are moving towards lighter weights for more speed. Only the Massé cues are gaining weight.

    Most cues come with a weight bolt in the rear. Gently maneuver the rubber bumper on the end of the butt off and look inside to find an allen screw. Determine which allen wrench is needed, remove screw, take to home despot and find more allen set screws of the same thread. Add as much weight as you like or the shaft can hold. Just remember you can go the other way also.

    A heavy cue will not allow you to develop as much speed as a light cue, but a light cue does not use gravity to hold the cue hand at the correct stroking angle (perpendicular). As you stroke develops do not be surprised if you want to take the weight out.

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Pool Cue Sticks to My Skin During Shots

  • Title: Pool Cue Sticks to My Skin During Shots
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  • Published: 7/5/2009 10:04:46 PM