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Make a Short Custom Pool Cue for Small Pool Room

Make a Short Custom Pool Cue for Small Pool Room

I have a billiard table at home, and I have placed it in my own room. I put the pool table in a spot that seems good, but one side is only about 80 cm from the wall.

When I play on that side I don't have much space to shoot because my pool cue is too long.

I am wondering if I can make my own pool stick that is shorter than a regular one? If I did that, would it affect my game much?

Make a Short Custom Pool Cue for Small Pool Room

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  1. ahmed32quickshot on 10/8/2009 7:28:15 PM

    I am of the understanding that you can buy a short stick of about 40 inches on some of the web sites. Or if you have an old cue, you want to measure how long it has to be to be able to use it and try to cut it down from the butt end. I sure if you do that it will effect the balance which, as long as you understand it, you can adjust for it.

    Good luck with the problem

  2. ahmed32billiardsforum on 10/8/2009 8:00:06 PM

    Short answer: Yes it is possible if you are good with tools, and understand the precision that is required to modify a precise wooden utensil. (many cues have finely engineered weightings to ensure the best feel and performance) If you possess such skills, you should have no problem modifying your cue. Kudos for being so resourceful.

    You are also correct in wondering if it will affect your game. It will. As I mentioned in another post tonight (and I'm sure, many before) the game is mostly mental. If you even "perceive" a weirdness in your cue, your game will be off. (think about muscle memory - it needs conditions to be exact)

    Let us know what your end up doing, and as Quick said, good luck!

    Ps. welcome to the forums!

    So just to be sure about what you are asking: I have a billiard table at home, and I put the pool table in my own room. However, I had to put the pool table in a way that only leaves roughly 80 centimeters between it, and the wall. This minimizes the space available when I play. The problem is that when I shoot, I don't have the space required.

    Amazon does sell cues for "kids" (simply meaning they are shorter...) so you might want to check that out.

    My question is can I modify my pool cue in such a way that makes it shorter? A shorter pool cue would eliminate my space problems, but I'm obviously concerned that doing so will affect my game.

  3. ahmed32ahmed32 on 10/8/2009 11:47:13 PM

    i will try to buy a smallar stick and i hope it workout,thanks for the help

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Make a Short Custom Pool Cue for Small Pool Room

  • Title: Make a Short Custom Pool Cue for Small Pool Room
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/8/2009 3:17:08 PM