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Cue Repair Shops In Chicago IL

Cue Repair Shops In Chicago IL

I was wondering if anyone knows of a custom cue maker or a cue repair shop in or around Chicago?

I just bought a Lucasi pool cue with a black leather wrap and wanted to change to a dark red Irish linen wrap! Also I have a replica Balabushka cue that I need refurbished!

Any inquiries regarding the aforementioned would be much appreciated!

Cue Repair Shops In Chicago IL

Replies & Comments

  1. hunts0311Mark Bellamy on 9/6/2017 11:38:52 PM

    Schmelke Cues in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. They do fantastic restorations at a reasonable price.


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Cue Repair Shops In Chicago IL

  • Title: Cue Repair Shops In Chicago IL
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  • Published: 11/9/2010 9:18:46 PM