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ProPool League Tournaments

ProPool League Tournaments

ProPool.com is the place to go for cue sport league and tournament play. Whether you are looking to join a tournament near you with cash prizes, or you are a billiards beginner trying to get involved in free tournaments for the sheer passion of the sport. You can also start a league and get paid to play.

Propool.com connects you with leagues in your area, offers online ranking systems, billiard tournament score charts, and leaderboards.

Check out the site, and help take the clutter and wait time out of the sport. Any questions shoot me a message at the site.

propool.com facebook.com/ProPoolCom-191418160872491

ProPool League Tournaments

Replies & Comments

  1. rbon32billiardsforum on 11/24/2015 6:16:45 AM

    @rbon32 - Can you help me understand what ProPool is all about?

    I've been to the website, but I can't make any sense of it. Your post above seems targeted at every-day pool players, but on the website, it looks like ProPool offers systems and software geared toward pool halls and billiard leagues (although I could be wrong because it is not clear at all).

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ProPool League Tournaments

  • Title: ProPool League Tournaments
  • Author: (Ron Baca)
  • Published: 8/1/2012 1:15:36 PM