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Maximum Cues

Maximum Cues Logo
Information about Maximum Cues. Maximum pool cue valuations, Maximum cue identification, etc., including a listing of all Maximum pool cues which can be used to research old Maximum Cues or identify a Maximum pool cue.
  • Manufacturer or Brand Owner: Meucci
  • Brand Name: Maximum
  • Brand Long Name: Maximum Pool Cues
  • Maximum Cues Production Date(s): Maximum Cues were produced from around 1995-01-01 to 1998-12-31. (More specific production dates may be available within each Maximum series, Maximum product line, or individual Maximum cue below.)

Archive of Maximum Cues

A historical database and listing of Maximum pool cue model numbers and other information about Maximum Cues.

Below is an archive of Maximum cues. You'll find retired Maximum cues as well as current Maximum cue series, and one-off custom Maximum Cues.

Meucci Maximum Cue Logos

Meucci Maximum Cue Logos. Past and current Maximum Cue logos, marks, symbols, and identifiers.

Meucci Maximum Cue Logo

A white logo from Meucci Maximum Cue brand pool cues. This Maximum Pool Cues logo is from the mid-late 1990s.

Logo, Maximum Pool Cues by Meucci

A Maximum Cue logo from Meucci Maximum Pool Cues. Maximum is a maker of pool cues, also known as Meucci Maximum Cues.

Maximum Cues Info

Info on the Maximum Cues

Maximum Cues by Meucci were Bob's first venture to produce a lower-end distinct line of cues separate from his namesake Meucci brand pool cues, but still made in his Olive Branch, MS factory. This brand lasted for about 4 years before being discontinued. He tried this strategy again roughly 10 years later with his Medici brand pool cues which were produced overseas, but discontinued after just 2 years.

They were considered by some to be a very good playing cue for the price paid. Others have said they fall apart quickly and are of lower quality. Based on the gallery photos (found within each individual Maximum cue page above) you will see that they quality is varied. Some look to be falling apart, yet others look to be of higher quality. This inconsistency was a problem that plagued the Meucci manufacturing process in the 1990s when Bob stepped back from running the company.

Meucci Magnum / Maximum Issue

There is an interesting story about this brand name. Initially, the Maximum brand was to be named Meucci "Magnum".

Meucci Magnum Cue Logo

Early on, Meucci learned that the Magnum name was trade-marked in relation to pool cues and couldn't use it, so they changed the naming to "Maximum" instead. See the Meucci Magnum MAG-1 pool cue that slipped out the factory door. Identical to the MAX-1 except the name/logo. Probably not many of those around at all.

Info on the Maximum Cues from Blue Book of Pool Cues

Maximum Cue was a maker of pool cues from 1995 to 1998 in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Maximum Cue was a company started by Bob Meucci as a complement to his Meucci brand of pool cues. His objective was to create a more competitively priced American-made cue that would utilize the design and construction methods that he had perfected with Meucci Originals.

Maximum cues are easily identifiable by the "Maximum" logo that appears on the butt caps. If you have a Maximum cue that needs repair, contact Meucci Originals, Inc.

Other brands by this same manufacturer include:

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  • Title: Maximum Cues
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  • Published: 6/15/2017 8:28:04 PM

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