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Shanghai Masters Snooker in China

Shanghai Masters Snooker in China

Young as Shanghai Master is, it definitely is a symbol of the development of Snooker in China, more than tournaments. Why Shanghai Masters have such great significance? Below are reasons.

It’s a statistical fact that in the past ten years more than ten large-scale ranking events were created by Official World Snooker, however, eight of them were canceled due to various reasons. What’s more, there are eight competitions in the competition season of 2008--2009, but only five ranking competitions continue up to now, including World Snooker Championship and Shanghai Masters. In addition to World Snooker Championship, Shanghai Masters is the only competition remaining its original traditions.

Speaking of the innovation, most of China’s ranking events now adopt new competition system which is 64 professional players and wildcard picks, while Shanghai Masters remains the traditional system which is 32 professional players and willcard picks. Keeping the old traditions ensures the quality and quantity of Shanghai Master for both players and fans could act their role more explicit. So far, keeping old traditions seems to obtain more favorable comment.

In general, Shanghai Masters Snooker is of great significance in the development of Snooker in China.

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Shanghai Masters Snooker in China

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Shanghai Masters Snooker in China

  • Title: Shanghai Masters Snooker in China
  • Author: (Kris Gong)
  • Published: 10/22/2014 1:53:38 AM