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Playing Pool For Money and Gambling at the Pool Table

Playing Pool For Money and Gambling at the Pool Table

Is Pool More Fun When Money is Involved? I don't gamble much but I do miss it from time to time.

Do you prefer playing pool when there is a little money on the game?

And when there is money at steak, do you think you play little better, tighter, looser, etc.

Playing Pool For Money and Gambling at the Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. BishopPoolChick on 12/8/2006 10:07:19 AM

    I would have to agree with @A-Train on this. Oh wow did I just say that?

    I have never been one to put up any money to gamble. Being a fairly decent female player, some of my guy friends have put money on me while I was shooting. That is the first thing guys see when they meet me. They think, "ooh, a girl that can shoot! What a scam we could play on people". At first it was sorta flattering, but now it is pretty old. Especially since it has been mostly talk and no action. I usually tell them that the best way for them to win their money off my game is to NOT let me find out that there is money on the game. Once I know money is involved, it sorta takes the fun out of it for me. I'm way more likely to win if I am only trying to embarrass the guy.

    I personally have never played for money on my own, but I have done the occasional game for a drink or a shot. It is harmless enough. I would be buying a drink anyway. If I win it saves me the money, if I lose, it's not gonna break me!

    I just like to shoot and have fun when I am not shooting in league or a tournament. I certainly wouldn't rely on pool gambling as my main source of income. I just like the look on a guy's face when he gets beat by a girl!

    For those of you that do gamble on pool, best of luck to you! It's just not for me!

  2. Bishopacedotcom on 12/8/2006 10:07:38 AM

    I grew up gambling at pool. For me, pool's like poker or bingo - you gotta play for something.

    Of course, there are a lot of the guys around who don't like or want to gamble. Some guys get the all day special and bang the balls around aimlessly for hours on end and never get better. When they ask me to play with them just for the hell of it, I always decline.

    Other guys, who play pretty decent, get their jollies by matching up against some chump and beating the be-jesus out of him.

    Me, I don't care about beating a person, I want to win something. Besides, if I'm not playing for something, I don't feel like there's a reason to play hard, so I don' concentrate. That's the worst thing for my game. Hey, even if it's only ten or twenty bucks, I wanna have something to play for other than glory.

    But, I have nothing against people who don't want to gamble. That's their choice. Just don't expect to find me playing with them.

  3. Bishopkurtain on 12/8/2006 11:14:05 AM

    I have also had a few friends place money on me while I shoot but I have never gambled just one on one. I play the game just to relax and have fun. Granted when I lose well, that is not fun.

    But to me placing money on the game gives me something else to worry about. I play better when I am not playing for money. I tend to see more of the table and can stay focused. It really gets to me sometimes when I go into a new pool hall and want to play and just because I bring my cues I must gamble.

    Gambling to me is playing you for a couple of hours, learning something new about the game, buying you a couple of drinks, and heck even paying for the pool. Believe me, I will walk out of that pool hall a better person.

  4. Bishopdjkx1 on 12/8/2006 11:47:03 AM

    I used to have a severe gambling addiction (non pool related) so I tend to stay away from all gambling now.

    Some people gamble to make money of course, some are addicted to the rush, and others see it as a way to increase the pressure of the game.

    I think if it is not a problem for someone, it is a great way to learn to play under pressure. Having said that, if you only play recreationally then just have fun. If are not worried about learning to cope with pressure, just go out and play and enjoy yourself.

  5. BishopFlashman on 12/8/2006 11:59:49 AM

    @A-Train - You're not the exception. I, and lots of others don't gamble while shooting.

    A few months back during a match, I found out that someone was betting on me to win, and after that I didn't make another ball. I got a big kick out of seeing them lose their bet. And besides, I don't like the guy betting on me.

  6. BishopSlowhand on 12/8/2006 1:44:57 PM

    Do I gamble? I would say no, I don't gamble. But then that all depends on what you consider gambling. Some people see it as anything where you put money up against an unknown outcome, and depending upon that outcome you will either lose or make money. By their strict definition, things like entry fees to a tournament, the stock market, raffles, Mega Millions Lottery and football pools are all forms of gambling. I don't agree with that, and here's why.

    At the end of a tournament, there's closure and everyone can leave. Gambling in my book is open ended, and the losers like to stick around and continue gambling in an attempt to make their money back. Just think what would happen if someone joined a poker game, won the first couple hands and then quit. Most likely, the rest of the table would get mad at him. These people turn into Fred Flintstone, bet, bet, bet. There's no end to the betting for these people, you're required to keep betting until you go home or run out of money. It truly is a form of addiction.

    So with that group of people, I won't even start. Sure I have no problems paying an entry fee, buying a raffle ticket or playing the Lotto once in a while. But these are not things I eagerly await repeatedly playing every few minutes.

  7. BishopOne Pocket Smitty on 12/8/2006 7:36:29 PM

    I play with a couple of friends for nothing, and to me that is fun. But other than that I want something on the line.

    I play a lot of One Pocket and to me you have to play for something or you'll take crazy shots. Putting money on the line will make you play a tighter game and make you pay real close attention to what the cue ball is going to do.

    Besides if you are playing a lesser player you give them some weight but don't let them learn how to move with out paying for the lesson.

  8. BishopCaptainHook on 12/12/2006 11:15:38 AM

    Thorsten Holhman does not believe in gambling.

    Hell I would play him some cheap sets.

  9. BishopShorty on 12/12/2006 11:31:10 AM

    I don't gamble, but I play an occasional tourney and will play cheap sets on occasion. I mainly do it to get some competition and no other reason.

    I dropped $1000 one night gambling back in college, and I quit after that.

    Now I just play cheap and that's it.

  10. BishopBVal on 12/29/2006 3:35:09 PM

    I don't gamble on pool either. No real rhyme or reason, I just don't do it.

  11. BishopHustl3r on 12/29/2006 3:42:24 PM

    I play pool for money when the opportunity presents itself.

  12. Bishopmszelis on 12/29/2006 8:22:51 PM

    I'm not much of a gambler either.

    Being a college student, I don't have that much money to throw around.

    However, I have found out that I don't deal well under pressure, whether it be hitting the 8-ball in or just trying to make a key shot, I always seem to fall short.

    In the future, I'm going to put some money on the side so I get used to playing under pressure.

  13. BishopJSGGEMS on 1/4/2007 3:53:07 AM

    I am just not good enough to gamble. Maybe one day though.

  14. Bishopshexcpoolgawdess on 4/17/2007 8:29:48 PM

    You know in all honesty I'm not really one to play for money. I find that it takes the joy out of the game and it also brings out the side of people that I care not to be around.

    I'll admit that I have played for money before, and that there are always people wanting to put their money on me to play against some chump talking smack.

    I'd rather just be able to play the game that I know I'm good at rather then play for money. Why? I think it changes the whole demeanor of the game.

    Plus, in past experiences, I didn't have as much fun.

  15. BishopA-Train on 4/18/2007 2:59:57 AM

    Evidently I'm kind of a special exception to pool players because I don't gamble. I never have and likely never will. That's right. I've never gambled at the pool table. LOL.

    I see lots of people do it and I've always made the observation that they weren't having fun anymore. I've watched my friends gamble and even when they win, I can tell that they aren't having fun while they are shooting.

    I honestly play pool for the passion of the game, not because I see it as a lucrative career choice.

  16. BishopManiac on 4/18/2007 9:00:50 AM

    I never gamble either. IMO, "one-in-the-hand is worth two-in-the-bush".

    I've seen too many lives destroyed from gambling. Yeah, yeah, I know, you don't gamble big, just small stuff. I've heard it all before. Alcoholics are made from that first innocent little "sip" of beer and heavy drug abusers are made from that first little "hit" on that innocent reefer.

    It can get out of hand faster and harder than you least expect it will.

  17. BishopSPINDOKTOR on 4/18/2007 11:58:04 PM

    I play a little better when there is money on a game. It seems like I always play better in a tournament or a money game. But, sometimes I find myself trying to make every shot in a money game, and that will usually bite me in the butt.

  18. Bishopccn7 on 4/24/2007 12:00:56 AM

    I play pool mainly to have fun. It is fun when I play well, and when I play for money it seems that I try a lot harder and focus a lot better and play well overall.

    So I would have to say that I have more fun when I play for money because when there is money on the line, I tend to play my best.

    I dont like to gamble on chance games such as cards and slots, but will bet on myself and some of the skills that I have.

    I play for money in pool, golf and bowling, I also shoot bow and guns for a little wager . I know what my limitations are and bet accordingly.

  19. Bishopshark3149 on 4/24/2007 4:05:12 AM

    I play for money some times but I just had one of the best times at the pool table recently and I was not playing for any money. Just pride.

    Brent of BHQ and myself played pool for a few hours for pride and he kicked my butt. I had more fun than I have had in a long long time.That just let me know that you can have more fun just hitting some balls with good people and have a blast. After all, that's why we all started playing the game. For the fun of it.

    I lost sight of the fun side of pool about 8 years ago. I would not take my cue out of the bag if I was not playing for the cash, and I lost sight of the reason I started playing the game.

    Well I quit playing for 3 years and now I remember why I played the game. For the fun, and experience of meeting some great people.

    I will now take the time to play with the young guy who just bangs balls and try to teach him how to play. You know we all started somewhere and we need to pass what we know on to the younger crowd if we want the sport to grow.

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Playing Pool For Money and Gambling at the Pool Table

  • Title: Playing Pool For Money and Gambling at the Pool Table
  • Author: (Ryan Jones)
  • Published: 4/17/2007 2:11:34 PM