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Cue Stand Dimensions

Cue Stand Dimensions

I am building a cue stand but need to know the diameter of the holes for accepting the cue sticks. If you have a cue stand, please measure the diameter of a hole and advise.

Cue Stand Dimensions

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  1. terryrahmFenwick on 12/11/2009 1:05:02 PM

    Just a guess on my part. Wouldn't you go .050-.075 or .100 over your cue size and line the holes with some sort of felt to protect the cues?

  2. terryrahmFenwick on 12/11/2009 1:09:25 PM

    After looking at my micrometer more like .250 over minimum.

  3. terryrahmterryrahm on 12/11/2009 6:02:08 PM

    I do not have a pool table or cues. I am building this stand as a gift for a family member therefore I do not have a cue stick with which to measure the diameter of the shaft. Need someone with a stand to measure a hole for me.

  4. terryrahmFenwick on 12/11/2009 6:25:24 PM

    What if I measure my cues and give you the dimensions of the butts and shafts. They vary from large to small. I could also take my veneer to the pool hall and measure the holes the base of the cues rest in. My father was a cabinet maker and would see something he wanted to build and take a tape measure and do a drawing of something he wanted to build then build it. He worked in wood and I worked in steel.

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Cue Stand Dimensions

  • Title: Cue Stand Dimensions
  • Author: (Terry Rahm)
  • Published: 12/10/2009 11:27:11 AM