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Opinions on tables from Billiardex

Opinions on tables from Billiardex

I am looking for an entry level slate table being a casual player. I am really only looking for lengevity and something sturdy and am willing to compromise on the aesthetics. I know the Olhaussens and the Brunswicks are typically the popular recommendations but I found them to be out of my price range (and probably playing level). I'd like to get some useful feedback on a table I found online that does professional install as well (Catania from Billiardex) http://www.pooltables.com/catania-pool-table/?icid=in00006

I am looking for something below 1700 so if you know of another table that would be better for my needs.

Opinions on tables from Billiardex

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  1. guestprobilliards on 11/22/2010 9:21:00 AM

    Don't know where those tables are made but my experience with import tables (if the one you reference is an import) is that they typically look great but the fit of the parts leaves a lot to be desired. Here's a previous thread on the subject - Spencer Marston Pool Table Reviews

    Looking at BilliardEx "white glove" install video I'd question the competency of their installs - considering the guy in the video is using a carpenters level rather then a machinist level on the slate setup. No superglue between the slate seams and while beeswax has been used for years the current preference by top shelf installers is to use bondo.

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Opinions on tables from Billiardex

  • Title: Opinions on tables from Billiardex
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  • Published: 11/18/2010 8:37:50 PM