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New vs. Used for $3,000

New vs. Used for $3,000

I have about $3,000 to spend on a pool table. I grew up playing on a Brunswick Medalist pool table.

Should I purchase a new pool table or perhaps a used Gold Crown pool table, or something else altogether?

I've been out of billiards long enough to have kids that want to play now. We have a great location for a 9' pool table and I want it to be around for the grand-kids.

New vs. Used for $3,000

Replies & Comments

  1. Bthriftguest on 11/18/2010 7:08:47 AM

    I have a 9' Brunswick medalist that I was trying to fit into a basement renovation project but I don't think I can get it to work. I may be looking to sell this table. The table is in very good condition. Let me know if you're interested and where you're located.

  2. BthriftFenwick on 11/18/2010 8:51:01 AM

    I'm told the older Brunswick's play better and last longer. I'd also consider a Diamond table. It's the set up that is the most important aspect IMO.

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New vs. Used for $3,000

  • Title: New vs. Used for $3,000
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/17/2010 10:47:36 AM