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help with buying an olhausen table

help with buying an olhausen table

HI all, Need some help with buying a table. I've heard this forum can be very helpful with making a more informed decision. I'm having a hard time deciding between two tables. Both are Olhausen tables, both are 9ft. One is Reno from the V series. The other one is Eclipse from the Portland series. Here's what I'm confused about:

These seem to be the least expensive Olhausen tables. Both are around $3200. The Reno is made out of wood veneer. I'm hesitant to pay $3200 plus tax for a table that is not solid wood. The other table - the Eclipse from the Portland series is made out of hardwood - but it's made out of Tulipwood. My research indicates that tulipwood is a soft type of wood that is easily scratched and overall considered inferior to real maple or oak. Hence my dilemma. I'm willing to spend 3 grand but on something that makes sense and will last.
Any advice on deciding between tulipwood or maple veneer? Or should I forget about either of these options.

Thanx drprofis.

help with buying an olhausen table

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  1. drprofisatenra11 on 9/12/2008 4:53:17 AM

    For durability concerns, the pool table construction pyramid runs much like this:

    1. laminates/particle board
    2. wood veneers (knowing what wood that is under the veneer makes a big difference)
    3. wood on wood
    4. solid hardwoods
    5. metal on wood

    If you're happy with the quality of the slate, and happy with the table being heavy enough (or big enough), a lot of the questions of durability could be addressed if you have children...if you really worry about generations of play hardwood and slate is the best way to go.

    I think if you're dealing with a a firm you believe in, and found a price range you like...

    Your only concern is being 100% totally okay with the cosmetics of the table...

    (I think if you picked a good slate the wood issue is a much lesser concern)

    I don't think you can be disappointed with any Olhausen or Brunswick table, new or used (as long as it's been checked out by a professional or it's nearly free)... A badly made laminate table might last about 5-6-7 years if subject to intense use like in a pool hall. I think the general rule of thumb is a particle board table with a non slate top is fine for casual or family pool, but wouldn't make people who expect professional pool happy.

    You could have bought a table for 5200 dollars and nicer wood, but if you're getting enough enjoyment to get your cloth replaced 4 times on the table that might be the best way to use that extra $2000 dollars....

    My personal faves for tables (pool/snooker/carom) are:

    1. Chevillotte - France (for pool and snooker - comes with carom corner inserts)
    2. Ursus - Italy (mostly carom tables some pool)
    3. Titan - UK (pool tables - 9 foot - company seems to make nice copies of Brunswick pool tables and Riley pool tables)
    4. Brunswick (new and used $1900 up 9/10/12 feet) - USA
    5. Riley - UK (snooker tables - 12 foot)
    6. 080 Studios - weird all steel tables, unusual construction - thin yet extremely heavy

    If I were to get a pool table and it had to be new

    1. Titan Voyager - 9 foot
    2. Brunswick Highlander - 8 foot
    3. Brunswick Gold Crown IV - 9 foot

    Plain and boring works for me

  2. drprofisbilliardsforum on 9/12/2008 6:30:34 AM

    Awesome post @atenra11 and welcome to the forums by the way.

    ...plain and boring works for me

    I agree with you there, but to me "plain and boring" equals "simple, clean, elegant" which in turn equals a more pleasant table to play on.

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help with buying an olhausen table

  • Title: help with buying an olhausen table
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/26/2008 10:46:06 AM