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Bumper Pool Table Rectangular or Hexagonal?

Bumper Pool Table Rectangular or Hexagonal?

Am thinking of buying a bumper pool table.

Is rectangular better or hexagonal ?

I don't know much about this so any insight would be appreciated.

I am new to the forum so this might be the wrong place to ask this.


Bumper Pool Table Rectangular or Hexagonal?

Replies & Comments

  1. Fardogbilliardsforum on 3/7/2010 7:05:33 AM

    Please don't double post.

  2. Fardogbilliardsforum on 3/7/2010 7:15:15 AM

    To answer your question, they are rectangular in shape. The hexagonal ones you see are actually a three-in-one recreation table, and they are shaped that way for the poker usage.

  3. FardogFardog on 3/11/2010 8:35:25 AM

    Actually, they are octagonal I guess.

    When you say they are made for poker, are you implying that they do not function well as bumper pool tables?

    Is it less authentic?

  4. FardogFox523 on 8/10/2010 1:01:25 AM

    Valley/Dynamo still makes the "classic" rectangular bumper pool table. It uses a 3/4" slate bed, measures around 3ft x 6ft and is reasonably sound.

    Aramith still manufactures bumper pool balls and they should not be too hard to get.

    Verhoeven, (famous for pocket-less carom billiard tables) actually makes some downright beautiful bumper pool tables...check out their Louis XIV "Golf billjarts" model.

  5. FardogFenwick on 8/10/2010 10:03:34 AM

    @billiardsforum is correct. Real Bumper tables are rectangular in shape.

    Table Dimensions: 54"L x 39"W x 31"H is the standard as far as I'm aware.

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Bumper Pool Table Rectangular or Hexagonal?

  • Title: Bumper Pool Table Rectangular or Hexagonal?
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  • Published: 3/6/2010 12:50:55 PM