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760, 860 or Granito Pro?

760, 860 or Granito Pro?

I'm getting ready to have my 9' Renaissance LaPaz recovered. It currently has Competition 3030 Tour installed. I was flipping a coin between 760 or 860, when an "old school" mechanic suggested Granito Pro as an alternate. When I say "old school", he was in charge of setting up the tables for the big tournaments in S Florida back when Mosconi was #1. I've never played on Granito and the wife is leaning on sticking with whats tried & true. I live in S Florida and my table is out on a covered patio. Yeah, I know, but it's been out there for over a year so far, so good. This mechanic is retired, but there is another up & coming mechanic (he did my black 3030 Tour Edition) that quite a few of the local pool parlors use. He is an independent jobber and does not get a real break on the cost of cloth. Anyone out there with pros or cons on Granito Pro? I will also be looking around for the best price on 9' black cloth if anyone can sell me some, or turn me on to a lead, I would appreciate it.

760, 860 or Granito Pro?

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  1. coastal_tonyknoxpossum on 11/25/2008 11:43:07 AM

    I've got Granito Basalt on my table and really like it so far. It plays like 860 and is more durable (in my opinion). A local pool hall owner switched to Granito and has not looked back. Has had no complaints from his customers and does not have to put new cloth on as often as he did with 860.

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760, 860 or Granito Pro?

  • Title: 760, 860 or Granito Pro?
  • Author: (Tony Kalisiak)
  • Published: 11/25/2008 6:59:59 AM