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Wrapped vs Unwrapped Pool Cue?

Wrapped vs Unwrapped Pool Cue?

I am trying to figure out if wrapped pool cues are better than unwrapped pool cues. Do people favor unwrapped cues over wrapped cues?

Wrapped vs Unwrapped Pool Cue?

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  1. fiftikilMitch Alsup on 6/18/2009 5:48:04 PM

    I, for one, like the look of wood. In addition the smooth surface on the wooden mid-section on the butt allows the cue to ride gracefully in the fingers with no holding pressure. That is the surface is just that little bit sticky and this stiction is useful in allowing the player to use a lighter grip.

    In the distant past, I have had severl wrapped cues where the wrap am "unglued". This makes the cue look horrible, and if you don't have someone (or know some one) who can repair same, it stays looking "horrible" or gets worse. Another issue is cleaning of the wrap linen as teh cue hand transfers oil, chalk dust, tac dust and random ** onto the linen fibers. Over time this makes the nice linen also look like (in my opinion) **.

    Secondarily, the really high end cue artists use this other half of the butt for majestic artistry.

    Now, if I truely had my druthers, I would want a wrapless cue where the finish on the grip section is not as shiny as on the tail and head sections. Now, I can do this by using 400-grit sand paper (very lightly) if I had a way to hold the cue in my lathe (maybe I should just get off my but and build one.....)

  2. fiftikilMitch Alsup on 7/1/2009 12:49:47 PM

    Other people are allowed and encouraged to have a point of view on this subject.

  3. fiftikilWilliam Erby on 7/5/2009 12:50:09 PM

    This is William at freedom billiards and the difference is personal preference, some people just like the feel of one over the over.

  4. fiftikilBev Stayart on 8/13/2009 1:46:57 PM

    I prefer a wrapless cue.

  5. fiftikilJustanotherevolutionary on 8/13/2009 6:05:36 PM

    Interesting. I recently broke my break cue. Haha. Irony is a wonderful thing. Anyways, it was wrapped. Now I'm using this "pretty nice house cue" at the local place I play, same one every time, nobody else likes it I guess. And the wood grip is sooo much better than the wrap for breaking in my opinion. I'm putting way more power into my breaks with better accuracy now. Mitch hit the nail on the head with this one:

    That is the surface is just that little bit sticky and this stiction is useful in allowing the player to use a lighter grip

    I could not agree more. My next break cue will surely be all wood, hell I might just stick with house cues.

  6. fiftikilgibson on 9/8/2009 10:45:41 PM

    I think the reason pool players wrapped their cues originally was due to playing in the heat and sweating. Before 1960, most pool halls were not air conditioned and and the rooms were hot and smoky. If your hand got sweaty it was always good to have a wrap especially Irish Linen which was the best. I think now its just a matter of personal preference unless you have a perspiration problem with wet hands.

  7. fiftikil2ballrun on 1/1/2012 5:08:25 PM

    My shooting cue is wrapped. I get sweaty hands. After a while it does start to look pretty "used". I never try to clean it. I just let it have the "used look"

  8. fiftikilziz9cp on 1/4/2012 1:49:22 AM

    I for one recognize a cue's beauty at the highest level in an unwrapped cue marked by the intricate and delicate care and attention placed in the engineering of a cue sport icon, combining the natural beauty of wood and inlay material to produce stunning patterns, designs and looks.

    Some people prefer to play unwrapped cues as they say that every shot is felt more with the feedback traveling down the wood, directly into the hand without any linen or leather barrier.

    Unwrapped cues are for those who prefer the classic look, the classic feel of au-naturale, and for those who appreciate art at its finest.

    Wrapped cues I believe are for those who need the extra grip and are looking for something that looks bold and rough with beauty.

    Leather & Leather embossed grips add a little extra luxury flare as well as the capability to soak up sweat from the hands, disabling any "slippage" when making that crucial stroke in a game. Truly bold, truly suave.

    Irish Linen wraps are for those who do not fear the table - those who see the cue as their weapon to win the trophy. It is perfect for those who want to learn the art of the game as slipping is less likely to occur.

    All said and done, it's all a matter of what feels right for you.

    I love collecting unwrapped cues and leather wrap cues and preserve them for their beauty. I love playing linen wrap cues as it feels right for me.

    Even if my hand perspires I would still go for linen wrap - leather feels weird in my hand.

    You have that sport grip on hybrid cues you see now days - that's not bad - really does provide a grip; a little too much grip i'm afraid.

    My shot requires that little slip at the end of the stroke where momentum is thrust forward just nicely and the tip follows through a nice 4-inches into the shot landing my hand a few centimeters back of where I originally gripped the cue.

    People can tell me as many times as they want that that's a horrible way to play, but it's right for me and it does the job great - for that, I see linen wrap as being perfect. Unwrapped gives more slip, leather and sport wraps give little or no slip, and linen is just about right for me.

  9. fiftikilgman08016 on 1/8/2012 10:38:57 PM

    I have a muecci 84-4 that had a clear coated wrap.Was nice but not a good feel swapped it to a leather wrap must say just feels natural now shooting.

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Wrapped vs Unwrapped Pool Cue?

  • Title: Wrapped vs Unwrapped Pool Cue?
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/18/2009 12:05:45 PM