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Which Pool Cue?

Which Pool Cue?

Hi all,

Im new to the forum and you could say fairly new to pool. Just thought id post a question on which pool cue to buy.

Im looking for a cue which im not really willing to pay over 20 pounds - 25 pounds for at the moment. Id prefer to get it from a store than on the internet, but internet is just as good.

The cue will be solely used for american and english pool, very rarely snooker.

Any suggestions?

Also, im looking for a bit of advice on my play. Im struggling very much to get the cue ball to spin back to me after hitting another ball. It either hits and goes forward or hits and stops instantly. Ive tried some advice on hitting just below the middle of the cue ball and to a slight angle, but no luck, just a couple of spin backs out of lots of trys, which is dissapointing. How do i get the ball to come consistently spinning back? Ive watched a couple of instructionals on the internet, but they make it so easy, then when i go and try it on the table, the above happens. I say again that im a beginner, but pool is something i enjoy, and i would say that im fairly capable of potting balls normally, and my long shots aren't bad at all.

Thanks, Dale.

Which Pool Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. tarantula_123Mitch Alsup on 1/31/2012 2:03:12 PM

    Which cue: As your first cue will be a learning device (you will be learning how not to make the cue suffer dings, dents, and scratches) consider it a write off, good for a few years, then after you have learned how not to abuse a cue, you can get a real cue. There are plenty of $60 to $100 cues that play well enough not to hindeer your development. After a couple of years, a dozen tips, and a few dent repairs, you will understant what you want in a cue, and can go out od find it.

    As to draw, it is likely that you are not striking the CB where you think you are striking the CB. To effect draw, you strike the CB significantly below the equator. in order to verify that you ARE striking the CB low enough, take 3 american nickles and stack them on top of each other (or a cigarette butt) just behind the CB. You should just graze the top nickle and your impact point on the CB will be correct. If you miss the nickles your cue tip is moving (upwards) between take-back and follow through. This is a stroke mechanical issue.

    Take a striped ball and arrange that the stripe is horizontal to the bed of the table. Chalk the cue, and strike the stripe at the point where the stripe turns to solid. Examine the chalk residue on the ball to verify where you are making contact. You want the chalk mark evenly split between color and white.

  2. tarantula_123tarantula_123 on 2/1/2012 5:27:10 AM

    hi there,

    thanks for the reply. im now telling myself this is an american forum, due to the dollar signs you have in your post? i say this as im from the uk.

    ill try those tips and post how i get on.

    as regarding the cue, i am still seeking a little more advice. what length cue should i be looking for, and is it ok if you check this link out, as im thinking of getting this, and because you are in the usa, im guessing you can view it online just as well. the links below:


    let me know what you think, and if its any good ill order it. however, if you wouldnt mind yourself having a look on the net for an english site or one that posts to england selling a better cue in that price range, id be extremely gratefull.

    cheers, Dale.

  3. tarantula_123Mitch Alsup on 2/3/2012 3:28:16 PM

    With the disclaimer that I know little about snooker or cues suitable for it::

    58" is the std for pool cues. Snooker cues use tips as small as 9mm while pool cues are never seen smaller than 10.5mm and rarely smaller than 11.5mm. I suspect that it would play just fine, and its not that much of a cost to really worry about.

    I looked at a couple of US sites that Ihave used. Mainly they are learly of credit cards and want a bank transfer. I suppose this means that there is no real way to better the price you see in UK.

  4. tarantula_123tarantula_123 on 2/4/2012 11:56:22 AM


    thanks for the reply. so would you suggest getting the one in the link i provided, or getting something else?

    if so, could you post me a link yourself.

    cheers, dale.

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Which Pool Cue?

  • Title: Which Pool Cue?
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/31/2012 12:12:23 PM