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Stainless Steel Joint vs. Wood Joint

Stainless Steel Joint vs. Wood Joint

When looking at pool cue joints, which is better, stainless steel joint or a wood-to-wood joint?

Wouldn't stainless steel joints add to the overall weight of the pool cue? I would guess it would add about .5 oz. So for example, if a pool cue with a wood joint was 18 oz, and if a stainless steel joint implemented it might weigh 18.5 oz. Does that sound correct? And a wood-to-wood connection would mean no additional weight, correct? It would be a true ~18 oz cue, right?

Stainless Steel Joint vs. Wood Joint

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  1. K Mbilliardsforum on 7/24/2018 2:58:09 AM

    Hours of debate can be had on which is "better" - and there would be no sure answer. It's personal preference.

    Regarding the weight of a pool cue, from a customer's perspective, it is to be measured from the finished product. Not piece-by-piece. The weight of a cue that has not yet had a joint implemented is irrelevant to the end user.

    I've never heard anyone describe a pool cue weight in terms of the weight without a joint/joint collar.

    There are many other factors that influence the weight of a pool cue perhaps more than a joint. Wood type and density, amount of inlays and the type of material used for inlays, the bolt in the butt-cap, if any, etc.

    But yes, given two cues which are identical in all respects except that one has a stainless steel joint and joint collar, and the other has a wood-to-wood joint and joint collar, then yes, I would expect a very slight difference in weight.

    Not sure if I have really answered your question but I hope it helps.

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Stainless Steel Joint vs. Wood Joint

  • Title: Stainless Steel Joint vs. Wood Joint
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  • Published: 7/20/2018 3:14:13 PM
  • Last Updated: 7/24/2018 2:52:07 AM
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