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Predator shaft difference

Predator shaft difference

Hi, FNG here and I am looking to buy a high end cue. I'm interested in the Predator and wondering about the two shafts, a 314 and 2Z. I like a thiner shaft and for it to have a long taper. What are the size and length of taper differences between the two? And what is a European taper of the 2Z?

I'm an old geezer without too much flex left in the fingers, with medium size hands and use a closed bridge. I'm more interested in dead straight accuracy with less intrest in how the shaft handles english.

Predator shaft difference

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  1. BuzzardMitch Alsup on 1/8/2011 2:52:08 PM

    The 314 is a shaft designed for low deflection and a standard profile (pro taper) {Now in its second generation: 314-2}

    The Z shaft is designed for even lower deflection at the cost of more "whippiness" {now in its second generation: Z2}

    Both shafts are constructed from multiple laminated pie-sections, glued together. This may help logn term straightness. Both shafts are drilled on the end behind the Tenon surrounded by the ferrule to lighten the end mass.

    There are many more players (and even more pros) who like the standard profile and taper of the 314 than of the Z. The Z is more for people who want the smaller shaft diameter and also want the whippiness and the playability that come with the whippiness.

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Predator shaft difference

  • Title: Predator shaft difference
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  • Published: 1/8/2011 12:45:25 PM