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Opinions please. Is this a good deal?

Opinions please. Is this a good deal?

Hi and thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me. I'm still relatively new to this( just started playing a lot about a year and a half ago).

I have a chance to buy a brand new McDermott Tucson for about $160. The shop originally wanted $319 for it, but they are selling all their cues for half off right now. Was their original price outrageous or is this really as good a deal as it seems? I don't really feel like my current skill level necessitates a cue this nice yet, but if this is a great deal I'm going to jump on it.

This is the cue: http://www.mcdermottcue.com/M43A_a.asp

Opinions please. Is this a good deal?

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  1. guestFenwick on 9/4/2009 6:48:46 AM

    No one can ever tell you what cue to use IMHO. After looking up the cue as far as the price the shaft alone is $100 plus. If it feels right to you I would say it's a good deal. A second shaft would be nice if it's within your price range. I would suggest you also spend the extra money and pick up the entire set of interchangeable weight bolts for the cue if available. It will add to the value IMO.

  2. guestFenwick on 9/7/2009 4:13:27 PM

    Two questions.

    1. Are you saying you are a professional in picking out cues for other people?
    2. Are you paying to advertise on this site?

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Opinions please. Is this a good deal?

  • Title: Opinions please. Is this a good deal?
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  • Published: 9/3/2009 8:01:56 PM