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OB-1 Shaft Reviews

OB-1 Shaft Reviews

Since the OB-1 shaft has been on the market a while, there should be some opinions out there.

I am looking for any opinion, good or bad, pluses and minuses. I have played with one and liked the feel very much.

I am just looking for feedback from those of you that have played with one for an extended period of time.

Has it improved you game, was it worth the money spent? etc, etc.

I am an APA strong 4 going on 5. Thanks

OB-1 Shaft Reviews

Replies & Comments

  1. buckshotshoeyquickshot on 7/12/2009 11:05:06 AM

    I've been using the OB 1 for about 8 months now, and I do not have any complains about. It has a 12.75 tip on it that, for me , took a little getting use to. I'm using it with an $80 Player butt from my old cue.I would like to get and OB 1 cue butt, but they are out of my price range. My game has improved a lot and I practice a lot. The only draw back I see is changing the tip when the time comes. I think it may geta little more complex because of the design.

    I understand they are coming out with OB 2 which will be a lttle slimmer and i would guess a 12 mm tip.Bottom line is I'm happy with the OB 1 I have. I think the design was well thought out and tested to the highst degree. Like you, I am a strong APA 4 testing the 5 waters. Have you checked out their web site?

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OB-1 Shaft Reviews

  • Title: OB-1 Shaft Reviews
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  • Published: 7/11/2009 8:04:55 PM