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New Shaft

New Shaft

Hi all! I have a question about buying a new shaft for my cue. I am wanting to purchase a new shaft for my cue, and have narrowed my options down to three choices, and was wondering if anyone could comment on their preferences/experiences with any of them. I know that it's different from person to person, but I just wanted to get some general feedback if possible before making my final decision. Thanks!

The shafts I am considering:

  • the OB-1
  • the McDermott Intimidator I-2
  • the Predator z-2

New Shaft

Replies & Comments

  1. aggie_shooterFenwick on 10/29/2007 8:29:03 PM

    I hate when people answer a question with a question but I have to ask if you have tried all three shafts to determine which one favors you game, style. What are you looking for the new shaft to do to your game. The type of tip you chose will also make a difference on how the new shaft will perform. Also you do not mention what games you play or if you have a jump and or break stick. Just how that enters into the choice I'm not quite sure but it might help with your choice. It would also depend on your skill level and weather money is part of the equation. Having said that I'm sure there is someone better equipped, more informed to give you a better answer then I just did. B.T.W. two of better players I know, one shoots with a sneaky Pete worth $100 and the other uses a stick worth 6 grand and both can be beat with a $300 stick by the best player I know. Just trying to help!

  2. aggie_shooteraggie_shooter on 10/30/2007 1:32:06 AM

    You raise some good points, and I agree with you on how personal preference and playing style are the biggest factors, like i said originally. However, due to my location, I have only been able to try out the predator z-2, and wont be able to try any of the others, so this is why I'm trying to gather as much information from other peoples general responses to them. I am a moderate to advanced skill level I guess you could say, and what I "want from the shaft" is less deflection and better consistency. I don't quite see what having a break/jump has to do with my choice of shaft... but yes I do have a jump/break cue.

  3. aggie_shooterFenwick on 10/30/2007 11:38:50 AM

    Just by doing a search I'm sure you can see what the, "OB-1 and the McDermott Intimidator I-2 clammed to offer in the way of performance and how good it feels, and how confident they are playing with it. You did try the Predator z-2, did you like it? Having said that unless you can get to try each one, yes I'm repeating myself, you would only be taking the word of a player whose style could be so very different then yours that you would still be buying blind I.M.H.O.. That's not a bad thing Because you will have to adapt to the characteristics of the new shaft either way. I have only two solutions I can think of and then I'll shut up. Can you find any players who have either of these shafts that would let you try them or is there a Billiard store you could travel to where you could try and compare these shafts to see if there is one you prefer over the other. Next choice is buy two or all three. $$$$ The reason I asked about a jump and break stick is I'm more of a fennecs player with a thinner shaft and soft tip and need the J&B sticks to avoid wrecking my shooting stick. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful and if my input was not exactly what you were looking for, I was just trying to help. I'm not a pro nor do I pretend to be. Good luck!

  4. aggie_shooterFenwick on 12/18/2007 10:08:50 AM

    aggie_shooter,- the OB-1,- the McDermott Intimidator I-2, - the Predator z-2, I have had the chance to try all three of these shaft over the last 2 months. I sent my 1984 circa McDermott in to have it refurbished but not at the factory. I'm also getting a custom shaft, 28 inches long and low deflection for a mere $100. It's not one of the above but I did find a just like new McDermott Intimidator 1 for $75. I tried the z2 but although I liked it over my 84 sera shaft and the deflection was less on a long shot I felt the price was to high for me. My cue is only worth $225 and that shaft would cost more then the Cue. Please remember this is only my take on this subject and others will have other valid opinions. I would like to know what move you made regarding a new shaft and how it changed your game if at all. I'm sure others can benefit from your advice and experience.

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New Shaft

  • Title: New Shaft
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/29/2007 3:03:19 PM