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New cue for newbie

New cue for newbie

Hey guys i believe you've seen more than enough of this topic but i really hope i can get some help to get myself a cue. Firstly my biggest problem is that i'm from Singapore which does not have a relatively strong pool culture. Hence it's kinda hard for me to seek much help on pool. But i am truly interested in this sport and i would like to seek the expertise of you guys to help me find a suitable cue. My budget would be approx USD150 and i don't know how safe it is for me to order online and have it shipped over to SG. Also, i do not have much idea as to what i would need to start off my pool "career" other than having a decent pool cue. Therefore i would like to first express my thanks to whoever can help me out. Feel free to leave a msg if you need me to clarify anything else.

New cue for newbie

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  1. sg_kidquickshot on 6/20/2010 5:45:35 AM

    Go on the internet and find a a pool equipment dealer that is close to your location. Check his reputation and if satisfied, look at the different makes and models that he offers within your price range. Look at all of them and pick one out that you like within your price range. I would recommend a 19 -191/2 oz for a beginner. There are a lot of different cue making companies so you will have to decide what brand you want depending on what you see and like. Check out the guarantee policies and return polices in case you may want to exchange it for something else.

    When you have done all that, buy the one you like with this thought in mind: The cue does not make the game, the player does.

  2. sg_kidsg_kid on 6/20/2010 6:52:05 AM

    Hey thanks a lot for your help but i was think of getting a Viking G04. Do you think it is suitable for me to get it? I'm sorry if this question sounds stupid cos i know that i should feel out the cue and see if it's suitable for me or not but i would just like to hear what you have to say about the cue. Really big thanks you to. Tyvm!

  3. sg_kidMitch Alsup on 6/20/2010 9:23:31 AM

    For a your first real cue, it basically does not mater. You will be able to get used to almost anything (that is straight and round). So, pick a cue within your budget that you like the looks of. If possible, get a cue that your hand likes the feel/weight of and go from there. 5 years down the road, after you game has developed, after you have tried a bunch of different tips, chalks,... you will know enough to make a better choice.

    Also consider that since this is your first cue, it WILL get banged up, dented, dinged. you will cringe and maybe even cry once or twice as this happens. When you get you second cue, you will understand how to use it and preserve it in a way that no amount of text and reading can teach you. So make a point to learn how not to get the cue banged up, and make your second cue the long lasting one.

    80% of the hit and feel of the cue is in the tip, 15% in the shaft, and everything else consumes the last 5%. The only thing the butt is good for is weight and balance. And yet this is where most of the money is spent.

  4. sg_kidsg_kid on 6/20/2010 9:44:19 AM

    Yea i've read you saying that on other posts but still thanks. But the problem is i don't even know what tips to change when to change etc etc. Other than playing on the table i got no knowledge of anything about pool off table. And being in SG it's kinda hard to find resources or people to learn these stuff from. But still i wanna thank you guys again for making a newbie feel a lot more at ease.

  5. sg_kidquickshot on 6/20/2010 4:32:24 PM

    Okay you want a GO 4. That is fine. I had a GO 7 and did not care for it. My friends wife had a GO 4 and loved it. It is your first cue. never mind the tip. go with what is on the cue and down the road you will have more knowledge and you can make more intelligent choices in your equipment. You could have mentioned that you had already picked something out. Both Mitch and I might have had a different ans for you based on that knowledge.

  6. sg_kidsg_kid on 6/21/2010 7:56:57 AM

    Okay i will get back to you guys again. Really really appreciated your help and once again thanks guys!

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New cue for newbie

  • Title: New cue for newbie
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/20/2010 2:58:29 AM