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Intermediate cue stick

Intermediate cue stick

Hi guys, I've been playing pool on and off for some 15 years now. I recently started to play more frequently, so i'm looking for a cue stick thats better than the house cues at the pool halls. I need something that i know will be straight. I know absolutely nothing about cue sticks so please let me know. I'm willing to spend anything below 200. Bang for the buck basically. thank you

Intermediate cue stick

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  1. Rafiki121Zeke on 10/30/2015 2:51:19 PM

    Up there on the top right of this page is a green "tab" that says, "Billiards Equipment."

    If you click on it, a list of topics appears. Go to "Choosing a pool cue."

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Intermediate cue stick

  • Title: Intermediate cue stick
  • Author: (Edward Pau)
  • Published: 10/30/2015 11:04:15 AM