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Huebler 5280 Players and Stealth Cues

Huebler 5280 Players and Stealth Cues

Hi everyone.

My brother recently passed away and was apparently quite the pool player. I got his various things, but really am not much of a pool player. What I'd like to do is sell three of them, and keep one. I did a little research (Ebay, Google. etc.), but frankly I can't figure out what these are worth, and I haven't seen anything that looks exactly like them. So, I'm hitting forums and asking for help. Yours would be appreciated. Looking at the top picture, they are in order:

  1. Players, model 310
  2. 5280
  3. Huebler
  4. Stealth

The Huebler and Stealth cues were his game night and tournament work horses. Both appear to be good shape, and are straight, however they are both obviously used. Looking at the pics, you'll see small nicks and dings. The Players and 5280 cues appear to be near mint / new condition and may be have been very recent purchases.

There is also a McDermott hard cue case for two cues and a soft vinyl case for two. The hard case case includes a Cuetec tip shaper/scuffer.

All four:

Huebler and Stealth:

Players and 5280:

Huebler 5280 Players and Stealth Cues

Replies & Comments

  1. 1981TAFenwick on 12/21/2013 8:39:27 AM

    Your best bet would be to take them to a billiards, pool cue supply place of business and get them apprised. Go somewhere that has The 3rd Edition Blue Book of Pool Cues by Brad Simpson. They should be willing to give you their fair market value.

  2. 1981TABilliardsBill on 12/23/2013 3:28:55 PM

    None of these cues are worth very much as far as their cash value. The Huebler is the only one that people who know cues would want, but it is a low end model and looks like it needs to be refinished. I would guess that the Huebler might sell for about $150.00, the rest would probably sell for much less. If you are going to keep one for sentimental value or in hopes that it will eventually be worth more, keep the Huebler.

  3. 1981TA1981TA on 1/14/2014 8:57:09 PM

    yeah, that's pretty much the way I'm leaning. That's the stick that pretty much defined him. The rest are window dressing. Thanks guys.

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Huebler 5280 Players and Stealth Cues

  • Title: Huebler 5280 Players and Stealth Cues
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/19/2013 3:52:52 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/19/2013 3:59:58 PM
  • Last Updated By: 1981TA