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Help Choosing a Pool Cue or Shaft

Help Choosing a Pool Cue or Shaft

I am looking to upgrade my pool cue. I need to.

Here is some background info.

I did not chose cue I am playing with, just found it at a very attractive price an old 1990s Meucci HP-1 with red dot 11.5mm shaft. I gather shaft is a little younger than a cue, but, it is also quite old and shows.

SO, I want to invest into something that will really help my game to improve.

Everything points to the fact that I need a "low deflection.no deflection" shaft. What I hear, what I read - all points to that and people I play with do not say otherwise. Some say yes, I need one and encourage me, some "politely" agreeing that these are better shaft. No one ever told me otherwise. But I am still unsure

  1. Am I correct to understand, that a low or no deflection shaft is important?
  2. $200-$230 is really my dead maximum, so what is better: (a) Purchasing an advanced Meucci shaft and use on my existing cue? Or (b) Purchase a whole new cue for about that price, sacrificing quality of a shaft, but gaining diversification in later upgrades? Mathematically this does not sound right to me. I do have a quality cue! But, please comment! or (c) Purchasing other brand cheaper shaft that says it is a low deflection? (Players? McDermott?)
  3. Players HTX shafts have a very good reviews and they cost about $120. But a whole Player's cue with that shaft cost $165. Is it worth investing into a whole cue like that, given that it has the same pin as my Meucci? Would it not be redundant? I think it will, but please advise! How good are those shafts?

There is a whole deal with "custom" cues with names I don't know nothing about. Can anyone explain, how to evaluate them? What to look at?

Are there questions I should be asking about, that are not coming to my head?

I am in NYC and I only know Blatt billiards. Are there other shops where I can try and buy cues? I have a feeling I need to "feel" a cue before buying it.

As a background, I have been playing for 3 years. My game is improving with what looks like very visible progress - from the complete beginner who could hardly hold a cue properly. Now I am a decent level 4 player in APA with the #1 in MVP, able to be an enjoyable opponent to advanced players (or so they tell me).

Help Choosing a Pool Cue or Shaft

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Help Choosing a Pool Cue or Shaft

  • Title: Help Choosing a Pool Cue or Shaft
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/29/2016 2:25:33 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/29/2016 2:27:35 PM
  • Last Updated By: bratnikotin