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Current Cue problems and looking for a new cue

Current Cue problems and looking for a new cue

I've been playing for about a year and a half to two years now and have been using a couple of cheap Mizerak cues to play in the lounge at my college dorm. Recently both cues having been giving me grief, one of the cues has no lacquer, never really did, and the other one has a tip that will not stay roughed for anything. The second one is the most frustrating as I will shape it and scuff it up, go play, and by the end of three to five racks it's right back to the state it was in before. I recently looked at some cues to try and find a new one and I cam across a Cuetec that looked good to me and is in my $100-$115 budget.


Anyone know what the deal with the tip on the Mizerak is? I can't find anything that matches up with what happens.

Current Cue problems and looking for a new cue

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  1. joebob255quickshot on 11/12/2008 8:22:17 PM

    You answered your own question in your post. The word was " cheap" and I would suggest that you probably need a new tip on the cue. As for the first one, no lacquer is not the problem. If you have been using both cues a lot, I would need to know just how often you cleaned them and how. Also, if you role them on the table is the role a smooth one or does the shaft look like it wants to bounce? If it is not a smooth role from the tip to the butt end the shaft may be warped. Check both cues for warping before you do anything. Then get back to us with the info and someone on the forum will have the answer for you.

  2. joebob255joebob255 on 11/13/2008 9:20:42 PM

    Well I'm going to be honest here and say that I did not regularly clean the cues, as I did not think to (20-20 hindsight and all). So now the first one, the cheaper of the two, I am pretty sure is slightly warped, but the tip holds chalk better than the more expensive of the two, it's still a $56 Mizerak (both of these were starter cues). So now I am going to keep those two around to let others use when I play in the lounge on my dorms crooked table. Other than that the cues are fine. I have some replacement tips but I need to get something to remove the current one.

  3. joebob255quickshot on 11/13/2008 10:11:10 PM

    All you need is a sharp knife or even a box cutter to cut the old tip off. Just be very careful and do not damage the ferrule. If there is a pool parlor anywhere near you I would suggest you let them replace the tip. You have to be very careful in sanding the shaft so that it remains level, you need the right glue and something to hold the tip in place (tight)until it sets. I usually let it set over night.

    As for the warped cue you may want to tie a string around the ferrule and add some weight ( not a lot) to the butt and let it hang in the closet or someplace where no one will use it. If you are lucky it may straighten out in about a week. This is not promises here. Some time back someone told me it may work. And clean the shafts. You can clean them by putting some alcohol, not too much, on a rag and wipe the shaft down. Then get some very fine sand paper 6-800 grit and lightly sand them. After that, being they are cheap shafts, put a nice cut of wax on them. You could use an auto wax.

    P.S. If you try to hang the cue like I mentioned let us know if it works. It should be interesting.

  4. joebob255Justanotherevolutionary on 11/15/2008 6:43:31 PM

    If you do end up going with a new cue just make sure it's from an authorized dealer so you get the warranty. But if you're just playin around I wouldn't spend more than $60. I think you can get a cheapy cuetec for around that price, and cuetec is a great brand. I got a wonderful cue from hawley's billiards online and they had very good service. Good hunting.

  5. joebob255Mitch Alsup on 11/16/2008 1:12:11 PM

    Do not blame the cue for a tip problem. Tips are replacible, a straight shaft and butt do not need to be replaced. It sounds to me that you have a tip that is either worn out of dried out or both--neighter of which induce playability. So for $10-$15 for a cheap-o LePro or ElkMaster tip through $30-$35 for a top of the line (Moori, Talisman) you can fix the tip problem--and have a professional do the work to get it right.

  6. joebob255Rcm58 on 11/29/2008 1:58:23 PM

    The pooldawg website you mentioned is running Medici cues for $65 until Monday, also a dealer on ebay is running a G-2208N players cue for $32.98 including shipping. I'm only mentioning these because they are deals and have a decent shaft and tip for a cheap price.

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Current Cue problems and looking for a new cue

  • Title: Current Cue problems and looking for a new cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/12/2008 7:09:55 PM