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Anyone Use A Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?

Anyone Use A Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?

Does anybody have a Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?

I have been thinking of adding one to my arsenal. I really like it for breaking 9 Ball I think. More testing is needed.

For those who haven't heard, this cue it only weights 12oz and when you break with it the balls are a blur. I've pocketed at least 1 ball every time that I have broken a 9 ball rack, and most of the time 2 or 3 balls.Now of course this wasn't during a match at which time I'll buy it and have the same results as my present Break Cue (J&J Blondie with a Phenolic Tip). That is, I spread the balls out, nothing drops, and the other player runs the table.

Any Thought's On This Cue?

Anyone Use A Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. fultimebumFlashman on 1/23/2007 11:41:24 PM

    I test drove one of these cues at the BCA expo in Houston last year. It broke well. but I'm not excited over it.

    They are actually available from 12 to 17 oz. weights.

    The one I tested was 13.5 oz. and actually shot pretty well. Yes, I shot a few games with it, and was surprised it shot as good as it broke.

    Will I buy one? Probably not. I just don't need another stick unless it do something I can't do with my present sticks.

  2. fultimebumShorty on 1/24/2007 9:34:01 AM

    It's not the wand, it's the magician.

  3. fultimebumfultimebum on 1/24/2007 12:51:36 PM

    The last time that I played around with one a friend Broke with it and then continued to run out the rack with the Lightning Bolt.

    Not only that, but he also JUMPED THE CUE BALL WITH IT. He had never jumped a ball in his life.

    I heard that the Lightening Bolt cues are excellent for jump shots.

  4. fultimebumA-Train on 2/9/2007 6:44:30 PM

    You may consider changing something about your break. At full power (I break real hard if I want to) I rarely drop a ball. At a medium stroke I usually pocket at least one ball and the table is spread more than enough to have a decent shot at running out.

    However, I'm not a break and run out player yet, so I don't worry too much about my break, I worry about running out.

  5. fultimebumfultimebum on 2/12/2007 7:39:00 PM

    I brought a Lightning Bolt and my J&J is now for sale.I tested it at home and during League play and it doesn't matter if you are breaking 8 Ball or 9 Ball, you pocket a ball at least, and can see the next shot.

    Also the cue ball stays in the middle of the table.You only need to hit the head ball with a MEDIUM STROKE. I have real bad back problems so this cue is better suited for my style of breaking. And it works.

  6. fultimebumHustl3r on 2/13/2007 8:56:07 AM

    I personally believe it's all in the stroke. That is, where and how you hit the cue ball and where you hit the rack.

    I can pocket 0 balls, or I can pocket 3-4 balls. It all depends on how I break.

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Anyone Use A Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?

  • Title: Anyone Use A Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue?
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/22/2007 4:29:18 AM