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Eight Ball off the Break

Eight Ball off the Break

I am currently playing in a league that allows "eight off the break" to be included as a win. I have heard that there are techniques or tricks on obtaining this ability.

Anyone know anything that may help in making the 8 ball off the break shot?

Eight Ball off the Break

Replies & Comments

  1. live4loganquickshot on 4/13/2008 1:54:12 AM

    From what my friends do I know it works sometimes. Set up about one ball whith from the rail opposite the middle diamond. Do not hit the head ball in the rack, but rather the second ball. It must be hit square in the center. Then keep your fingers crossed that you hit it right otherwise your CB will do a disappearing act in the corner pocket. I myself have made the 8 ball using this method, but I missed it more than I made it. The shot is a gamble. Oh one other thing, make sure you have a nice tight rack.

  2. live4logantedmauro on 4/13/2008 5:22:15 PM

    Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman) taught me this shot several years ago. He said to set it up just the way you described. You hit the second ball as full as possible without hitting the head ball. Use low English on the cue ball and draw it to the rail avoiding the scratch. I use this break sometimes in APA matches. I do not use it in BCA matches. Eight on the break is not a win in BCA. The thing that I don't like about the break is the fact that your cue ball usually ends up on the lower end of the table as opposed to the center making a run out more difficult. I have made the 8 on the break many times using this technique.

  3. live4loganquickshot on 4/13/2008 10:53:53 PM

    Thanks Ted. I forgot to mention to him to use low english to avoid the disappearing cue ball. I still use it from time to time trying to get lucky which is not very often. I went to a pool room today and did some practice on a reg table. What a pleasure. There was a couple of guys there who are there every Sunday (I think) and play straight pool. When I get to know them a little better maybe I can get into their rotation. I'm going to talk to the owner.

  4. live4loganJJFSTAR on 4/15/2008 2:41:14 PM

    I have made the 8 ball on the break 3 times in a row but that was on a 7 foot table, the smaller the table the more effective this break is. I have modified this break over the years, I used to start out with the CB just far enough off the long rail to form my bridge. But now I place the CB closer to center, I suggest at the spot shot spot (half way between the 1st diamond and the pocket) I now hit just draw just as Rossman suggests. Hit the second ball as squarely and as hard as you can.

    It is more of a precision break than a power break. The power break usually leaves the player standing in the air or even jumping and a precision break usually leaves a player still down in their crouch and not a huge change in their body position.

    The 8 most of the time gets shot out of the rack; most of the time toward the side pocket opposite the side you are breaking from. Here is a link a high speed video of the effect when done correctly with a tight rack.


  5. live4loganThree Brothers Billiards on 3/31/2009 10:28:20 AM

    Good post Ted, that is what I was going to say. I wouldn't get in the habit of using this break too much, I think a break and run is more likely than making the 8 off the break.

  6. live4logantedmauro on 3/31/2009 6:10:10 PM

    Thanks for the positive note. Has anyone made an 8 on the break lately?

  7. live4loganJustanotherevolutionary on 3/31/2009 6:29:30 PM

    I made a couple just today. Same method. But I put the cb about 1 inch off the rail. Low left english, precision over power is key. Also this is way easier on a 7' table as mentioned. I've only had a few on an 8' and none on a 9'. A good run out break is 1 ball off center hitting the head ball dead center with a powerful stop shot. Good luck =)

  8. live4logantedmauro on 3/31/2009 6:33:54 PM

    Yes I like hitting the head ball like explained above for the old break and run. Anyone run the table lately? I ran the last rack I played.

  9. live4loganThree Brothers Billiards on 4/2/2009 8:48:01 AM

    I just got an ERO yesterday. feels good. I wish I ran out a lot more than I do!

  10. live4loganguest on 4/8/2009 5:16:01 PM

    I always shoot my break for the 8 ball. But over the years I have learned that High english into the middle of the rack works alot better than low english. As mentioned one inch from side rail on the head string hitting the second ball. Using the high english with a good hit your cue ball will drive through the rack go to the end rail and back through the rack and at the perfect speed will end up in the middle of the table. It will take alot of practice to get the right amount of power on the cue to get it through the rack twice. The main thing is to just miss the head ball in the rack otherwise your cue will go in the corner on the breaking side. As the old master told me once (practice, practice, practice). Over the years the operators of the tournaments have joked to just give me the key to get the 8 ball out all the time after I break. Good luck!

  11. live4loganrckmagain on 5/16/2009 10:12:32 AM

    I always heard that it was around the 2nd / 3rd ball from the front of the rack on either side from an angle. I seem to be cursed with this though as I rarely make 8 on the break. I see people do it with these shots, just not me. I DO however have great success and many patches from 9 on the break in 9 ball, go figure ;).

    When breaking 8 ball make sure to use light draw and not follow as most people tell you. Slight draw will give you a strategic advantage by leaving your cue ball centered in the table and giving you more shot possiblilities after your break (if you make a ball ;) ).

  12. live4loganguest on 11/11/2009 7:58:41 AM

    Your best shot at sinking the 8 right off the break is to use a heavier "Break cue"

    Break cues are generally heavier, stronger and have harder tips, letting you break harder without having to worry about damaging your cue or mushrooming your tip.


    When you buy through them using the eBillme option at the checkout you can get 1% cash back. Not bad.


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Eight Ball off the Break

  • Title: Eight Ball off the Break
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/13/2008 12:18:25 AM