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Parkway Billiards Chattanooga TN

NOTE: Parkway Billiards of Chattanooga, TN is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga TN

Parkway Billiards Address

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga

35 Patten Pkwy
Chattanooga, TN 37402 USA
  • Hamilton County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Parkway Billiards Bar & Grill
  • Parkway Billiards Bar and Grill, Inc.

Contact Parkway Billiards

Reach Parkway Billiards using the contact info below:

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga Phone Number

  • (423) 265-7665 (Pool Hall - Local Phone)

Parkway Billiards Website

  • http://www.parkwaybilliards.com


  • robbiewade@parkwaybilliards.com

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga - Store Info

Parkway Billiards offers pool cue sales complete with financing options. Details are below:

  • 25% down payment required.
  • Balance financed in ten weekly installments.
  • Must submit valid ID and credit card information.
  • Must submit a check in your name made out for full balance (returned after last payment is made).
  • All payments will be due by Friday of each following week.
  • Payments will be considered late after Sunday (A $5.00 late fee will apply).
  • Missing two or more payments may result in the forfeiture of the cue.
  • Can exchange cues before they are chalked and used.
  • After 5th payment cue can be used ONLY at Parkway Billiards until balance is paid in full.
  • Cue may not leave Parkway Billiards until full payment is made.
  • No Refunds

Any of Parkway Billiards' staff will be happy to assist you with your pool cue purchase.

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga - Pool Hall Info

  • Eight Diamond Coin-Op 7 ft. Smart Tables With Red Circle Cue Balls
  • Four Cooper 7 ft. Bar Tables
  • One Brunswick Madison 8 ft. Table
  • Tornado Foosball Table
  • Golden Tee Golf Video Game Machine
  • Four Dart Boards
  • Full Bar And Restaurant
  • Cue Repair
  • Cue Sales: Viking and Meucci Authorised Dealer
  • Sunday Evenings: Tournament, Nine-Ball Race To Five, $50.00 Added
  • Monday Evenings: In-House BCA Eight-Ball League
  • Tuesday Evenings: Ladies APA Road League
  • Wednesday Evenings: Mixed APA Road League
  • Thursday Evenings: APA in House 8 Ball League

Parkway Billiards History

The building that houses Parkway Billiards, in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, was built in 1888 by an investment firm out of Cincinatti, Ohio. Over the years many businesses have occupied the space. In 1899 somewhere in the group of buildings was the world's first franchised Coca-Cola bottling plant.

The interior as we see it today was remodeled in the mid 1970s and was opened as "Timothy's Staircase". Since then it has been many different night clubs. The original "Alan Gold's" was in this same location, as was "Paty Place". Most recently before Parkway Billiards was opened, it was a pool room called "Shooter's", then a night club called "Two Jacks", and after that it was a gay bar called "Miss Kitty's".

The building had been sitting empty for about eight months when Robbie and Gaye Wade, both avid pool players, had the idea to reopen the facilities as a pool room. They started preparing the facilities for opening in February of 1992. After several months of hard work, planning, and picking the "Pickle Barrel Restaurant" owner Nick Bowers' brain, Parkway Billiards opened its doors on May 1st of 1992.

Except for the new carpet, new pool tables, and new flooring, all installed in November of 2002, Parkway Billiards hasn't changed much over the years. In 1995, a side room was acquired that now houses the kitchen behind the bar and three pool tables in the front. Prior to that, the kitchen was located on the second floor beside where the dart boards are now located. In the current dart board space was a fully operational bar that was seldom used by Parkway Billiards, and was dismantled in 1996.

According to many customers, Parkway has a "neighborhood bar" atmosphere and has many times been compared to the TV bar "Cheers", as a place "where everybody knows your name." Parkway is more than just a pool room or bar. For many customers, it's their home away from home; a place where they come to watch the stock ticker on TV, read the newspaper, catch up on the latest gossip around town, get some dinner, throw back a few cold beers or a mixed drink, and maybe, just maybe, knock a few pool balls around.

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga Business Information

Parkway Billiards Chattanooga Employees

Robert W. Wade
(Robbie Wade)
Gaye Paty WadeSecretary, Treasurer


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Cue Repair Service

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