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Cue And Barrel Auburn KY

Cue And Barrel Auburn KY

Cue And Barrel Address

Cue And Barrel Auburn Logo Cue And Barrel Auburn

**No Public Physical Location**
Auburn, KY 42206-8302 USA
  • Logan County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • zuzubab1 (eBay Seller UserId)
  • meuccisareallwedoallthetime (eBay Store Id)
  • Meucci's are All We Do All the Time (eBay Store Name)

Contact Cue And Barrel

Reach Cue And Barrel using the contact info below:

Cue And Barrel Auburn Phone Number

  • (270) 784-6617 (Cue and Barrel Phone Number)

Cue And Barrel Website


  • (270) 542-8652 (Cue and Barrel Fax Number)


  • cueandbarrel@gmail.com (Cue and Barrel Contact Email)

Logos for Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY

Logos of Cue And Barrel of Auburn, KY. These are past and/or current logos and trademarks used by Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY

Cue And Barrel Exclusive BMC Cue Logo

A logo for an upcoming exclusive line of BMC cues made especially for cue and Barrel. It is a letter A with angel wings and a halo.

Logo for Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY

A Cue And Barrel logo. Cue And Barrel is a Meucci pool cue dealer based out of Auburn, KY, selling primarily on eBay under username zuzubab1 with the eBay store "MEUCCIs-ARE-ALL-WE-DO-ALL-THE-TIME".

Logo, Cue And Barrel, Auburn, KY

A logo from Cue And Barrel, a Meucci dealer in Auburn, KY.

Angel Cues Logo from Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY

An angel logo for Cue And Barrel in Auburn, KY. These were going to go on the BMC Angel Pro Series cues but I do not believe they ever made it on. Instead those cues feature the standard BMC logo.

Past Marketing Materials from Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY

Past marketing materials, advertisements, flyers by Cue And Barrel Auburn, KY.

Cue And Barrel Web Flyer, Auburn, KY

A flyer from Cue And Barrel based out of Auburn, KY, showing the names of the owners, Brett and Amy Angel, contact info, and short blurbs about what they sell.

Cue And Barrel Auburn - Store Info

Cue and Barrel specializes in collectible Meucci pool cues, Joe Porper pool cue cases, and can order about anything you are looking for.

They sell solely online through their eBay store (meuccisareallwedoallthetime) under the user "zuzubab1" (previously as "brett6958"), and through their website (see link above). The slogan at their eBay store states:


Bob Meucci makes a special line of cues just for Cue and Barrel - The BMC "Angel" Pro Series (Named such after the owner's last name). This product line has 3 cues in the series as of May 2017.

Cue And Barrel Auburn Business Information

Entity ID 0942101
Entity Legal Name CUE & BARREL, LLC
Entity US State of Registration KY
Date Registered 1/21/2016
Entity Status Active, in good standing
Business Type KLC - Kentucky Limited Liability Company
Date of Last Data Refresh 5/25/2017

Cue And Barrel Auburn Employees

Brett AngelCo-Owner
Amy AngelCo-Owner


  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Online Business Only
  • Location Not Open to Public

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The following exclusive pool cues or pool cue lines were made for retail at:

  • Title: Cue And Barrel Auburn
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 5/26/2017 2:39:50 PM

Cue And Barrel Auburn Comments

  1. Ray AndersonRay Anderson from Lawrence, MA on 8/24/2021 1:33:50 PM

    Thank you Cue & Barrel, they look great!


  2. Tom DuPreTom DuPre from Mt Pleasant, SC on 8/30/2021 11:58:31 AM

    Do you still deal in Colt firearms?

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