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Billiard Mart Cameron Park CA

NOTE: Billiard Mart in Cameron Park California is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Billiard Mart Cameron Park CA

Billiard Mart Address

Billiard Mart Cameron Park

4060 Flying C Rd Ste 25
Cameron Park, CA 95682-9663 USA
  • El Dorado County
  • Timezone: PST

Contact Billiard Mart

Reach Billiard Mart using the contact info below:

Billiard Mart Cameron Park Phone Number

  • (530) 677-4143 (Billiard Supply Sales)

Billiard Mart Website

  • http://www.billiardmart.net


  • (530) 677-4154

Billiard Mart Cameron Park - Billiard Services

At the Billiard Mart, we provide the following services: Expert pool table installation, billiard table repair, pool table moves, and pool table recovering.

Billiard Mart Cameron Park - Store Info

Our store is family owned and operated and located just 5 minutes from Folsom, east on Highway 50. Customers travel from all over the Sacramento Valley to shop at The Billiard Mart because of our wide selection and our commitment to the customer. We can get you into the table that not only fits into your budget but also has the designer look and quality in craftsmanship that you would expect. We need to sell pool tables FAST so we are having a huge Summer Clearance Sale. All items are at drastically reduced prices. We'll see you at The Billiard Mart.

All of our pool tables feature full 1" thick slate, metal-to-metal construction, interlocking support beams, inlaid diamond-shaped rails sites, and a lifetime guarantee that includes the cushion rubber.

Billiard Mart Cameron Park Business Information

Billiard Mart Cameron Park Employees

Felix FongOwner


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Table Recovering
  • Billiard Table Service
  • Billiard Table Repair
  • Pool Table Sales Dealers
  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Table Movers

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