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Artisan Pool Tables Corona CA

Visit the Beach Billiard Mfg & Supply Corona page for info on the business here before Artisan Pool Tables.

Artisan Pool Tables Corona CA

Artisan Pool Tables Address

Artisan Pool Tables Corona

1163 Pomona Rd Ste A
Corona, CA 92882-1895 USA
  • Riverside County
  • Timezone: PST

Alternate Names

  • Artisan Designs
  • Artisan Pool Tables
  • Art Pool Tables
  • The Pool Table Factory
  • Artisan

Contact Artisan Pool Tables

Reach Artisan Pool Tables using the contact info below:

Artisan Pool Tables Corona Phone Number

  • (951) 735-6555 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (951) 273-0851

Artisan Pool Tables Website

  • http://www.art-pooltables.com
  • http://www.artpooltables.com


  • (951) 735-8555


  • info@artpooltables.com
  • artbilliards@att.net
  • billiart51@yahoo.com

Artisan Pool Tables Corona - Manufacturer Info

About Artisan Pool Tables of California

Stay on the cutting edge of billiard table design by buying a new table every year. Even though our tables are built to last, you want to make sure you're not left behind by the billiard fashion industry.

Constructed from the finest American Materials, Our pool tables are built for a generations of playing the great American Pastime

If the initial purchase price of your pool table is the primary concern when buying a table. Then an Artisan table is not for you.

If, however, a low, total cost of ownership and unsurpassed overall savings is what you really looking for an Artisan pool table will provide you with peace of mind. Then an Artisan table is right for you and the least expensive table you can buy.

Pool Tables by Artisan Pool Table Mfg of CA

From the moment you break on its surface in your first game, until the time to pass down your pool table as a family heirloom, one thing is certain, your Artisan Designs billiard table will continue to be one of the finest hand crafted pieces of furniture you've ever owned and will prove to be an excellent investment.

  • Pool Table Legs - Artisan Designs takes pride in our precisely carved legs. Our experienced craftsmen apply their drafting and woodcarving skills to create the most intricately detailed part of all our our tables. Our Production Center employs the most advanced production techniques in use today, to perfectly duplicate any hand-carved leg. Made from Oak or Maple solid hardwood, our legs range in styles from Traditional to Modern. All are hand-sanded and beautifully finished to your individual preferences.
  • Rail Inlays - Choose from Pearl, Abalone or Ebony colored inlays available in standard diamond or circle designs.
  • Billiard Table Cloth Colors - There are over 30 attractive and vibrant cloth colors to choose from.

General billiard table info:

  • All tables come with your choice of leg styles, cloth options and inlays.
  • All tables have an available matching cue rack set.
  • Each installation comes with a set of premium billiard balls and cues.

Artisan Pool Table Manufacturing offers several lines of billiard tables. These include:

  • Laminates - Laminates are perfect for an entry-level table and an economic alternative to solid wood or veneer tables. Laminates are hard-wearing and are resistant to marking, staining, and heat.
  • Solid Wood/Veneer Combinations - Solid/Veneer Starting with Artisan's signature solid wood X-frame combined with a variety of veneer options will give you a durable long lasting table with the same look and feel as the solid wood tables without spending as much
  • Solid Wood - Solid wood These are the best-built tables on the market. We use solid American wood for ALL of the wood components. They range in style from simple to very fancy and are made in a wide range of wood types. Some of the more common types of wood are Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Mahogany. In addition to many wood types, there are also many finishes available on each of these woods.

Design & Craftsmanship of Artisan Billiard Tables

The two most important features for any billiard frame are strength & flatness. Since slate can weigh up to 600 lbs., the platform that it rests upon is an important component to any table.

Our models feature an X-FRAME built to withstand up to 10,000 lbs. This unique, one-piece design will never separate, insures maximum stability, is movable and it's flexible, eliminating sag & spread. Artisan Designs is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer this design and it is guaranteed to meet all specifications from the (BCA) Billiard Congress of America.

All frames are hand-made to order based on customer preferences. They feature solid, durable, American hardwood in either Oak or Maple or other exotic woods, chosen for their long-lasting beauty.

All of our billiard tables come standard with genuine, 1' thick, slate, complete with wood backing. This 3-piece design allows for more accurate leveling, easier handling, and less breakage. All imported slate is inspected to meet our strict quality standards and tested for flatness. We guarantee that this oversized, natural slate is not only diamond-honed but diamond polished as well.

Cue Racks by Artisan Pool Tables

A perfect addition to any game room. All wall racks are hand made to order and completely customized to go with your table. Whether you need a basic Cue Rack or an elaborately crafted wall rack system, Artisan Designs construct all wall racks according to the same strict guidelines as our pool tables.

Our cue racks will complete any gameroom or billiard room. Choose from wall racks or floor stands in a variety of woods and finishes. We have matching decor with each and every table design. Where functionality is our main concern here at the factory we have recently expanded our line to include tables as well as benches made specifically for dual purpose of storage as well as. Please inquire at your local dealer for more information. Pictures will be available soon.

Table Dining Tops

If you own a pool table, you should own a pool table cover! But did you also know you can create diversity by including a matching dining table top. Dust, debris, cats, and spilled drinks can wreak havoc on a table's rails and cloth, and a small amount of money can prevent all this. We offer the economical laminate dining tops as well as solid hard wood.

Artisan Pool Tables Corona Business Information


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  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Table Manufacturer

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