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Billiards Terminology Glossary Full List

To use the billiard terms glossary, you can click the word or phrase that you are looking for. If the billiard term that you are looking for is not located in the database, please take a few seconds to suggest a billiard term here.

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Billiards Terminology Glossary Full List

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This billiard dictionary or terms glossary was started in 2005 with 150 billiard definitions and 3 categories. It has since grown to be the world's largest repository of cue sport terms, with over 900 terms in more than 11 categories.

Tired of going to your local pool hall and having no idea what people are talking about? Do terms like sharking, hooking, feather shots and granny sticks leave you scratching your head? Has anyone ever referred to a ball as being frozen leaving you wondering if they’re talking about a new way of storing pool balls? Do people keep calling you a fish and you have no idea what they’re talking about? Do phrases like "You double kissed the 7 ball" and "The ball hit the tit" have you slowly backing away from the pool table? If so, you need this free, comprehensive list of billiards slang word definitions.

We strive to be the most comprehensive list of pool and billiards terms and definitions on the web. Everything from the basic parts of a pool cue like the joint, the ferrule, inlays and overlays to slang terms and phrases like "On The Snap", "Follow That Car" and "Jelly Roll" can be found in this directory of billiards terms. This billiards dictionary won’t make you a better pool player. That takes years of practice. Even if the Billiards Dictionary won’t help you play well, at least you’ll know what people are saying when they’re talking at the table.

The billiards terminology glossary currently contains over 900 terms specific to billiards, pool and snooker and is growing every day. If you’ve heard a term that we don’t have in the dictionary, or if the billiard term that you are looking for is not located in this list, please take a few seconds to suggest a billiard term here.

We can’t help you walk the walk, but at least you’ll be able to talk the talk.

Billiards Terminology Glossary Full List

  • Title: Billiards Terminology Glossary Full List
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/1/2006 2:33:47 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/10/2018 4:23:48 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum

Billiards Terminology Glossary Full List Comments

  1. saupilsaupil from Seoul, South Korea on 6/18/2012 12:51:26 PM

    I am at the Sang Lee tournament and I keep hearing the word "series". I want to know the definition of the term series as it relates to billiards.

  2. billiardsforumbilliardsforum from Halifax, NS on 10/27/2016 11:13:03 AM

    You usually hear the word "series" in cue sports referring to a set of tournaments e.g.

    • Ontario Women's Pool Series
    • One of the most exciting elements of the Super Billiards Expo is the Amateur Players Championship series of tournaments!

    The word series is used to refer to a set of related events or items e.g. all of a pool league's tournaments for a given year, etc.

    You also see it as it relates to product lines such as a line of pool cues by a given pool cue manufacturer or a line of pool tables from a particular pool table manufacturer e.g.:

    • Meucci ST Series (of pool cues)

    In that case, it just refers to the entire line of cues in that set of cues made by Meucci.

    That is the best I can do given the vague nature of the question.

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