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Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room

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A description of the Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room photo is found below the image.

Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room

Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room

Sociëteit De Vereeniging, Kazernestraat, the Hague. the Netherlands De Vereeniging is in 1853 opgericht en uitsluitend toegankelijk voor Haagse bestuurders en zakenlieden. Kan me heel goed voorstellen dat dit de ondemocratische tak is van ons democratisch gekozen stadsbestuur (met uitzondering van de Burgemeester natuurlijk) Geopend tijdens de Open Monumentendag.

Billiard room from the Netherlands which was built in 1853. I just love the architecture and design of this era. It is so elegant and classy. Notice how they have the lamps hanging down from a ceiling that is much higher than you would typically see? The lights they use are obviously updated and are not the originals. The thin, almost invisible rod, cable, or cord is just perfect for these long hanging pool table lamps. The Society was established in 1872 from the historic building 14 Maria Place in Utrecht. In the course of 2003 is an extensive restoration and refurbishment completed. In English, the club is called --Society the Association--

Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room

The billiard room photo titled "Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room" was taken by PieterMusterd on 2008-09-13 12:35:20.000 and uploaded to flickr on 2008-09-19 12:35:20.000. It was retrieved from a public flickr feed on 2008-09-20 09:45:17.000. The accompanying article was written and published by the Billiards Forum. The publish date of the text content is found below.

This page belongs to the Home Billiard Room Pictures category. Pictures from users and from around the internet showcasing different home billiard rooms.

  • Title: Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 9/20/2008 9:52:19 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/20/2008 9:45:57 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum
  • Source: Flickr user contribution

Societeit de Vereeniging Billiard Room Comments

  1. GParkerGParker from Houston, TX on 12/5/2010 12:18:05 AM

    Very classy. This is the kind of room to that I would strive for in my home, but with only one carom table.

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