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The Largest Billiard Exhibition in Asia-Pacific

The Largest Billiard Exhibition in Asia-Pacific

Aiming on accelerating development of billiard industry and boosting communication between Chinese and foreign professionals, the 2nd China (Guangzhou) Billiard Exhibition was held in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Centre on Mar.26th 2008. As the largest and the only expo focus on billiard in Asia-Pacific, under the full support of the industry, this big event has become an expert and annual one.

In the exhibition, hundreds of companies, domestic or oversea, join in the exhibition and the industrial forum. Nearly 27,000 professionals get involve in this big show. Quite a few print press and web media report the event. The show last for three days, the exhibit products cover table, cue, cloth, balls, score counters, gloves, racks, tripod, slate and other accessories. Many enterprises debuted their new technology and products.

Series of activities including Global Billiard Culture Forum and Brand Summit, the First China Billiard Club Operation and Management Seminar draw a lot of billiard managers to attend in. The attendants discuss the topic and share each other's opinions and talk about the development strategy of billiard industry in the future.

This exhibition is an important platform where the domestic enterprise and oversea buyers meet. Organizer help many buyers to visit the exhibitor's factories, which stimulate the communication between buyers and seller. This trade show is surely going to bring a developing opportunity to the billiard industry.

The 3rd China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2009)

  • Date: Mar 10-12 ,2009
  • Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex
  • gbechina.com

The Largest Billiard Exhibition in Asia-Pacific

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The Largest Billiard Exhibition in Asia-Pacific

  • Title: The Largest Billiard Exhibition in Asia-Pacific
  • Author: (Eva Deng)
  • Published: 8/10/2008 11:33:47 PM