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GBE2010 China Billiard Trade Show

GBE2010 China Billiard Trade Show

The 4th China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2010) will be held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex from March 30- April 1, 2010.

Now 350 booths have been booked (the deadline on Dec.25th, 2009). So you will find many new suppliers such as OLD WORLD, Sunrat, KANGHOM, Meijia, Guanjin, Mingtai, Born Winner, Niushan, ect.

Many of the suppliers from GBE2009 will see you again, of course, including Brunswick, Xingpai, Yalin, Master Cue, K.F Cue, Wiraka, Fury (Kao Kao), JYBEN, Chaojie, Biaoli, J. G. P., Meilin, Centric, Waters Enterprises, and more.

GBE is taken for granted to become the best business platform for billiards, snooker, pool suppliers and buyers to find business partners and meet new or old friends.

16 international associations cooperate and promote with GBE2010, including WPA, APBU, CTBA, WSA, EPBF, ECP, NBA, KBF and 10 other cue sport associations.

The most regular billiard trade show is waiting for you. More information, please contact Eva Deng e.gra@gzhw.com or dywaiwen@yahoo.com.cn

GBE2010 China Billiard Trade Show

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GBE2010 China Billiard Trade Show

  • Title: GBE2010 China Billiard Trade Show
  • Author: (Eva Deng)
  • Published: 12/26/2009 12:35:21 AM