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China International Billiards Exhibition 2007

China International Billiards Exhibition 2007

The 1st China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2007) has made great success at the China Export Commodity Fair on March 19,2007, which is the first show of billiard in China and built up a communication & trade platform successfully. The 2nd China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2008) will take place at Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre in Canton, China, It will feature more than 8,000 square meters of exceptional exhibit space. For promoting billiard culture, accelerating development of billiard industry and boosting communication between Chinese and foreign professionals, GBE2008 start a series activities to accomplish it, which includes "Global Billiard Culture Forum and Brand Summit", " The First China Billiard Club Operation and Management Seminar", " The First China Billiard Industry and Culture Tour".

By participating in GBE2008, you will meet suppliers, buyers, players, operators of club and other professionals from all over the world, and get in touch with Asian billiard market.

Date: Mar ,24-26 2008
Location: Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre

Market Information

Through over 10 years development, the recreational supplies industry has entered a rapid development period. As a gentle men's indoor sport, billiards has been exported to each region of the world. China is one of manufacturing base of global billiards supplies. According to the statistic, there are 60 million billiards and related supplies exporting to all over the world such as North America, Europe and southeastern Asia. The total production value of billiards is increasing at the rate of 120 million dollars per year, accounting for 50% above of world's. And the export is increasingly growing by 6%. In addition, the billiards with low price and high quality is welcomed by international consumers and the billiards has entered the family overseas and becomes the indoor entertainment supplies for young and old ages.

In 2005, the world's largest sports audience of sports television broadcasting is that Ding Junhui defeats Henry in China Open final. Meanwhile, "The Times", the most influential media in Britain, has done a survey, which shows that the Chinese fans of Snooker have reached 50 million. The number has exceeded that of NBA's audiences of 45 million and English Cup of 35 million. The increasing fans have made the billiards clubs and training places difficult to meet the market demand. Therefore, we can see that the development prospect of billiards is very promising in China.

Introduction of hall

Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center was invested and managed by the Guangzhou Dong Tai Jun Cheng Industry Development Co., LTD and Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Company. It locates at the heart of the traditional central axis in Guangzhou. The Chinese Export Commodities Fairground is at the west side of the centre. In the south, there are two five-star hotels, the China Hotel and the Dong Fang Hotel. With an airport, a railway station, bus stops and 2 entrances to the 2nd line of Guangzhou Subway, which linked the southern and northern parts of the city, in the area, it's very convenient for accommodation and transportation.

Exhibition Scope

Billiards Tables, Cues, Billiards Board (stone), Billiards Cloth, Billiards, Billiards Pole Bags, Chalk, Special Gloves, Lighting, Billiards Baskets, Tripod, Accessories, etc; Table Football, Shuffleboard, Game Tables, Mahjong Machines, Table Tennis, Dart and other family entertainment series, etc.

Important Activities

Global Billiards Cultural Forum and Brand Summit With a unique charming the billiard has became the global gentleman campaign all over the world within several hundred. There are 60 million players of billiards and the billiard culture is developing quickly in China. GBE2008 will bring the world billiards elites coming together in Guangzhou, where both the east and west whip up to hold the billiard cultural feast. Meanwhile, the top billiard brands will bring the unique design philosophy and cultural connotations to demonstrate the latest achievements and trends in billiard industry. Within the "Strong Culture Cultivates Huge Market" concept, the "Global Billiard Culture Forum and Brand Summit" will create the stylized billiard culture to promote the sustained and healthy growth of the industry.

The First China Seminar for Operation and Management of Billiards Club. There are nearly 80 thousand billiard clubs. Because of lacking experiences many clubs are not in optimistic state. Billiard club is the platform to propaganda billiard-culture. Billiard club is the important market of billiard equipments and it is the home of the billiard-players. In order to promote the advanced manage conception, operation way and to improve the operation and manage lever, GBE 2008 organizing committee will invite the famous person and professional manager to discuss how to run billiard club successfully.

The First Tourism Billiards Culture and Industry of China. Billiard is quite popular as a present in Europe and the United States and also it is the age-appropriated indoor entertainment supplies. Billiard is in great demand especially in the Christmas day. The professionals and the foreign buyers pay attention to the billiard industry hoping to understand and communicate more with manufacturers in China. ‘The First China Billiard Industry and Culture Tour' will invite foreign buyers, associations, media and other professionals to visit clubs and manufacturing base in China, which will build up a comprehensive communication platform for Chinese billiard enterprises and foreign buyers, to speed the development of foreign markets and accelerate foreign trade.

Contact information: Address: Room 802B, Jiayue Building, Zhongshan Mid Avenue, Guangzhou, China Phone: 86-20-62809756 Fax: 86-20- 62861756 Name: Levi Wang E-mail: Levi12345678@yahoo.com Website: gbechina.com

China International Billiards Exhibition 2007

Replies & Comments

  1. Levi Wangbilliardsforum on 8/15/2007 7:53:57 AM

    (Administrator moved topic)

    Date: June,23-June,25,2008
    Period: Once per year Deadline: April 16, 2008 Type: Professional Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Mart Expo Center

    • Brands driven
    • Clear quality focus
    • Strong emphasis on branding and image building Hall Atmosphere
    • Hall layout designed for professional doing business
    • Central meeting areas and points of action for additional exchange
    • Brands and innovations present at various platforms
    • Locale control to allow professional working

    Exhibit profile:

    • billiards table
    • cues
    • balls
    • billiard cloths
    • chalk
    • slate
    • brush
    • stand
    • Furnishings/Art/Rec Room Equipment
    • Coin Operated Machines
    • Software/Computer Systems
    • Apparel
    • Instruction/Instructional Materials
    • Cue Racks/Stands
    • Jukeboxes/Sound Systems
    • Lighting/Light Fixtures
    • Cue Care/Maintenance/Parts
    • Coach
    • Accessories
    • Ping-Pong Table and accessories
    • Baby foot table

    Contact Info: Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Rm904, Seat 2, Byfond mansion, 1591 Zhangyang Road, Shanghai
    P.C: 200135 Tel: 86-21-58523488 Fax: 86-21-51686506 E-mail:norman313@163.com billiardschina.com

  2. Levi Wangbilliardsforum on 10/14/2007 12:32:59 AM

    An interview with Levi has been posted:

    GBE 2008 China Billiards Exhibition

  3. Levi Wangbilliardsforum on 6/14/2008 11:24:41 AM

    The 2008 China Billiard Industry Conference has passed, and was a success. Here is an article with some pictures from this years event:

    China GBE 2008 Billiard Industry Conference

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China International Billiards Exhibition 2007

  • Title: China International Billiards Exhibition 2007
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  • Published: 8/15/2007 6:01:30 AM
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