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Additional Events Around China Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2017

Additional Events Around China Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2017

GBE 2017 (The 11th China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition 2017) is certainly worth visiting, but it is also very rewarding to attend its concurrent events which has been released and tens of thousands of invitations are being sent out to worldwide insiders. Let me give you a brief introduction of the concurrent events.

“Lucky Pool”, a Free Trip to Local Billiard Manufacturer Factories, Billiard Clubs and Cue Sport Coaching Institutions

Date: March 12, 2017
Application Deadline: February 25th, 2017

In order to deepen communication and increase mutual trust between buyers and suppliers, Lucky Pool, a trip to local factories, billiards clubs and coaching institutions for exhibitors and professional visitors, is scheduled concurrently with GBE 2017. During this trip, you will be able to have face-to-face conversation with local manufacturers, exchange experience with Chinese billiards professionals and have a direct look into China’s billiards market.

The whole trip will be reasonably arranged by the committee so that our visitors can fully focus on enjoying themselves. Opinions from visitors and enterprises will be collected in order to better decide our destinations. Full details of this trip will be disclosed on March 1st, 2017 on our official website and WeChat subscription account. If you haven’s applied for the trip yet, please hurry up!

gbe-2017-3.png gbe-2017-2.png

2017 World Billiards Development Forum

Date: March 9th, 2017
Venue: Area A of China Import & Export Fair Complex

Nowadays, China’s billiards market is vibrantly flourishing and it is predicted by Chinese experts that by 2025 the annual value of China’s billiards market will reach 5,000 billion RMB.

In an attempt to promote a healthy billiards industry, 2017 World Billiards Development Forum will invite worldwide professionals from leading enterprises, renowned associations, research institutions, government, etc, to share with us their original opinions on topics like the present situation and development trends of global billiards industry, the promotion of billiard sports, industry cooperation, innovation of billiards market, etc. A global advisory panel consisting of worldwide dignitaries of billiards industry will ensure the professionalism of GBE 2017 and the forum. Hundreds of professional media and associations at home and abroad will also show their supports by posting reports of the forum.


If you want to seize more business opportunities, industry information and publicity for your company.Welcome to GBE2017 as well as the activities!

For more details about this two events, please contact us and we will send you our official invitation with registration form.

GBE Organizing Committee
Eve Cheng
+86 20 29188156
+86 20 82579220

Additional Events Around China Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2017

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Additional Events Around China Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2017

  • Title: Additional Events Around China Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2017
  • Author: (Eve Cheng)
  • Published: 12/13/2016 1:11:49 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/18/2016 9:04:50 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)