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4th China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

4th China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

The 4th China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition(GBE2010) has been decided the date and venue. It will be held in China Import & ExporT Fair Pazhou Complex , from March 30th to April 1st. Welcome all the billiards professionals to attend and visit. Detail information of GBE2009 as follows :

GBE2009 ended with the exhibitors’ satisfaction. Although it is only three days, a very short time, most of the exhibitors and visitors think highly of it.

GBE2009, 3rd China Guangzhou Int’l Billiards Exhibition, the most famous billiards exhibition in Asia, was held from Mar. 10th to 12th. With 5000 square meters, 200 booths, 65 international and domestic brands displayed their products on GBE2009, such as Brunswick, Shender, Yalin, Aramith, Wiraka, K.F cue, FURY, MEZZ, MASTER, OMIN, KPS, Falcon, Palko, RASSION, LEGO, Chaojie Billiards and so on. It is about 500 booths together with the Game Amusement products, twice than GBE2008.

During the exhibition, it attracted 326 international visitors from American, England, Russia, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. More than 10,000 Chinese visitors came to GBE2009. When we talked with some international and Chinese visitors, they felt very happy because they found their business partners from GBE2009. The exhibitors also feel very excited for the good effect. Most of them say that they will participate in GBE next year and some of them will enlarge their booths area.

What is the most exciting for exhibitors and visitors is that many billiards stars get together at GBE2009, including Asia Little Witch Ga - Young Kim, 8 ball girl killer Lin Yuan Chun, Pool Prince Ko, Pin-Yi, Cool Killer Zhao Feng Bang, Chinese 9 ball champion Han Yu and so on. Their excellent performance brought round after round of applause.

The highlight of GBE2009 has passed over. We believe more brilliant is worth to expect in 2010!

4th China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

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4th China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

  • Title: 4th China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE
  • Author: (Eva Deng)
  • Published: 7/10/2009 12:39:54 AM