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3rd China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

3rd China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

The 3rd China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2009)

Date: Mar 10-12 ,2009
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Address: No.380 Mid of Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

China is the billiards production base in the world and Guangdong is the largest billiards production base in China. GBE, which is held in Guangzhou, is taken for granted to become the best platform for you to meet Chinese and international billiards buyers, to find your business partners and to know more information about the development of billiards industry in China.

During the exhibition, organizing committee will held some activities to attract professionals, such as China Billiards Industry Development Forum, The Second China Billiard Club Operation and Management Seminar and so on.

About 200 domestic and international exhibitors and brands from billiards and home amusement industry were attracted to GBE2008, the famous brands including XingPai, Shender, RILEY WIRAKA, KingBrowns, BiaoLi and so on. 8000 visitors including about 3612 professional buyers ware attracted to visit GBE 2008.

Therefore, GBE gets its good reputation as the largest billiards exhibition in Asia. As exhibitors got very good effort in GBE2008 and many buyers found their new suppliers, most of the exhibitors and buyers show their satisfactory to the exhibition and would like to attend GBE2009.

Market Trends Only since 1980s, with people standard of life the improving, billiards sport gets a good opportunity to develop in China. After more than 20 years development, billiards becomes one of the most popular sports and has over 60 million players in China.

As more international tournaments held in China, such as China Open and Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament, by the impact of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games and Shanghai World Expo, there will be more and more lovers to play billiards in China.

Therefore, we can see that Chinese billiards will gestate a huge potential market to exploit.

Supported Media: Billiards Sport Magazine (Russia), Pool & Billiard Magazine (America), billiardsforum.com, TOP147 and so on.

Exhibition Scope: Billiards Tables, Cues, Billiards Board (stone), Billiards Cloth, Billiards, Chalk, Billiards Cue Bags, Special Gloves, Lighting, Billiards Baskets, Tripod, Accessories, Training, Game Tables, Table Tennis, and other family entertainment series, etc.

More information, please go to gbechina.com

3rd China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

Replies & Comments

  1. evadengevadeng on 10/27/2008 2:15:51 AM

    Now, some visitors have decided to visit GBE 2009. They are from American, England, Chile, Turkey, Portugal, Indonesia, Russia and so on. At the same, we do our best to invite domestic visitors to visit GBE2009 by phone, fax, SMS, letters and email. And receive many replies.

  2. evadengevadeng on 11/5/2008 7:22:23 PM

    You see GBE 2009 ads on Pool & Billiard Magazine (American) in November issue(http://www.poolmag.com/1108BizEdition.cfm to download) and Billiard Sport Magazine (Russia) in December issue. Also you will find news and banner of GBE 2009 on their website. Billiard Sport Magazine has put news and banner of GBE 2009 on the website. There you will go http://www.billiardsport.ru/ru/news/3494 www.poolmag.com http://www.pro9.co.uk/html/article.php?sid=913&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

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3rd China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE

  • Title: 3rd China Guangzhou Intl Billiards Exhibition GBE
  • Author: (Eva Deng)
  • Published: 10/27/2008 1:23:39 AM