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Billiard Industry SIC Codes

Billiard Industry SIC Codes

There have been a few questions asking:

What are the billiard industry SIC codes in the USA?

SIC codes are part of the US government industry classification system, and include entries for cue sports:

The Standard Industrial Classification SIC is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas.

The following are some common SIC codes for billiard industry:

Billiard Manufacturing SIC Codes

SIC Code 3949 Sporting and Athletic Goods, not elsewhere classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sporting and athletic goods, not elsewhere classified, such as billiard and pool tables, and equipment.

SIC Code 2231 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (including Dyeing and Finishing)

Establishments primarily engaged in weaving fabrics more than 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) in width, wholly or chiefly by weight of wool, mohair, or similar animal fibers; dyeing and finishing all woven wool fabrics or dyeing wool, tops, or yarn; and those shrinking and sponging wool goods for the trade.

Billiards Manufacturing 6-digit SIC codes:

  • 394931 - Billiard Tables Manufacturers (3949-31)
  • 394927 - Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturers, not elsewhere classified (includes pool cues, pool balls, cue tips, and pool cue chalk, etc.) (3949-27)
  • 223101 - Woolen Mills (manufacturers) (2231-01)

Billiards Manufacturing 7-digit SIC codes:

  • 3949001 - Sporting & Athletic Goods NEC (not elsewhere classified) Mfg (3949-001)
  • 3949015 - Billiard & Pool Equipment & Supplies (3949-015)
  • 3949060 - Billiard Tables Mfg (3949-060)
  • 3949087 - Darts & Table Sports Equipment & Supplies (3949-087)
  • 3949088 - Billiard Chalk (3949-088)
  • 3949089 - Bridges, Billiard & Pool (3949-089)
  • 3949121 - Shuffleboards & Shuffleboard Equipment (3949-121)
  • 2231014 - Billiard Cloths (2231-014)

Billiard Manufacturing 8-Digit Billiard SIC Codes:

  • 39490000 - Sporting and athletic goods, NEC (not elsewhere classified) (3949-0000)
  • 39490800 - Darts and table sports equipment and supplies (3949-0800)
  • 39490802 - Billiard and pool equipment and supplies, general (3949-0802)
  • 39490803 - Billiard chalk (3949-0803)
  • 39490804 - Bridges, billiard and pool (3949-0804)
  • 39499910 - Shuffleboards and shuffleboard equipment (3949-9910)
  • 22310301 - Billiard cloths (2231-0301)

Billiard and Pool Supplies Wholesale and Distribution SIC Codes

SIC Code 5091 Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies (Wholesale and Distribution)

Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of sporting goods and accessories, billiard and pool supplies; e.g. Billiards equipment and supplies-wholesale, Pool equipment and supplies-wholesale.

Billiard Equipment Wholesale and Distribution 6-digit SIC codes:

  • 509101 - Billiard Equipment & Supplies Wholesale (5091-01)

Billiard Equipment Wholesale and Distribution 7-digit SIC codes:

  • 5091008 - Billiard Equipment & Supplies Wholesale (5091-008)

Billiard Equipment Wholesale and Distribution 8-digit SIC codes:

  • 50919902 Billiard equipment and supplies (5091-9902)

Pool Rooms, Pool Halls, Billiard Parlor SIC Codes

SIC Code 7999 Amusement and Recreation Services, not elsewhere classified

Establishments primarily engaged in the operation of sports, amusement, and recreation services, not elsewhere classified e.g. pool parlors.

Pool Hall 6-Digit SIC Codes:

  • 799912 - Billiard Parlors (7999-12)

Pool Hall 7-Digit SIC Codes:

  • 7999009 - Billiard Parlors (7999-009)
  • 7999066 - Pool Parlor (7999-066)

Pool Hall 8-Digit SIC Codes:

  • 79990401 - Billiard parlor (7999-0401)
  • 79990403 - Pool parlor (7999-0403)

There may be more which are relevant to specific niche areas, so be sure to have a professional properly research advise when choosing the correct classifications.

Billiard Industry SIC Codes

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Billiard Industry SIC Codes

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