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Why Fast Eddie's Pool Halls Use Olhausen Pool Tables

Fast Eddie's is a very successful and long-lived chain of pool halls in Texas. With over twenty locations, Fast Eddie's only uses pool tables from Olhausen Billiards. They wrote this post to explain why.

Why Fast Eddie's Pool Halls Use Olhausen Pool Tables

Why Fast Eddie's Pool Halls Use Olhausen Pool Tables

When you walk into a good pool hall like Fast Eddie's, we think it’s a little like coming home to a great party with all your friends (and, of course, strong damn drink). You’re immediately hit by those comfortable, classic sports bar sounds of clacking balls, clinking drinks and clamoring crowds, and we just can’t get enough of it. However, it’s the details that turn a get together into a truly memorable party, and in all that excitement and happy energy, it can be easy to overlook the little things that make it all electric.

At Fast Eddie’s though, it’s our philosophy that every single piece of the party puzzle is important, from the quality of the TV’s to the exact selection of booze to even the shape of the glasses we serve it in. And, since we’re a pool hall at heart (sorry dart throwers, we love you, but pool is the O.G.), a major part of that attention to detail for us has always been to carry the best pool tables in the world.

We’re talkin’ Olhausen Billiards pool tables y’all, the best there ever was.

Why Fast Eddie's Only Uses Olhausen Pool Tables

What’s so great ’bout these Olhausen pool tables? Well, imaginary reader that we just made up to serve our own devices, we’ll tell you!

The Background of Olhausen Billiards

To begin with, we dig where these guys come from. There isn’t a more American success story out there than that of Olhausen, which was founded in 1973 California when two brothers named Butch and Don scraped together $1000 from their pool table moving business to purchase a manufacturing company “lock, stock and barrel.”

Butch and Don were two dudes literally born into the pool business, as their dad worked setting up and recovering tables their whole life. Moving into the family trade, Don and Butch took a ’59 El Camino to California and started charging just $12 to move a table wherever you needed (try and find that these days).

Once the brothers were offered the chance to buy up a manufacturing company, they jumped at the opportunity to put out their own tables, and within two years they’d upped the output of the company from 35 tables a year to 300! Fast forward nearly 40 years, and Olhausen has become the biggest and best pool table manufacturer in the world, putting out table after stunning table from their 250k square foot Tennessee facility and earning themselves the distinction of being “The Best in Billiards.”

Why Fast Eddie's Believes They are the Best

Having a badass background story don’t mean much if you can’t back it up with some high-quality creations, though, and in that regard, an Olhausen table holds up like no other in the game.

The glory of an Olhausen starts with the wood itself, which is always “slow growth” lumber that’s of such high quality that Olhausen wood was once considered a grade above the highest otherwise available. This incredible wood is then treated with the utmost care and expertise to produce a table that will last for decades or more in any climate. And though Olhausen does make some more affordable models than their gorgeous Select Series maple tables, this attention to the materials each table is constructed from is law for the Olhausen team.

Looks are one thing, but any true shark of a player knows that it’s how the table plays that actually matters. Knowing this as well as anyone, Olhausen assembles the best parts on the market for their tables, starting with a special “uniliner” construction that holds twice the normal weight of a pool table.

On top of that base, Olhausen throws down a framed diamond honed slab of perfect slate that’s covered with the finest baize cloth, a design that lends the table perfect spin and speed.

From there, Olhausen goes an even further step to ensure quality like none other by using specially made “Accu-Fast” cushions in the construction of their tables, made with a very particular type of 100% gum rubber that lasts almost forever.

Throw all of that together, and add in a passion for the game that’s rarely found outside the most hardcore of competitions (in fact, Olhausen has their own women’s team, the “Kiss of Death”), and you get one seriously mean pool table. So mean and so clean are Olhausen tables, that Fast Eddie’s just doesn’t trust any other table when it comes to our customers’ games (especially the ones with money ridin’ on ’em!).

So what’s that mean for you? Well, not a whole hell of a lot if you don’t play pool! But if you do, you probably wanna roll on the best. And now, you know exactly where to find it.

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  • Published: 2/28/2017 12:43:10 PM
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