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Fire Destroys Freedom Billiards in Dayton, OH

Fire destroys billiards supply business; The cause remains undetermined.

Fire Destroys Freedom Billiards in Dayton, OH

Fire Destroys Freedom Billiards in Dayton, OH

The cause of the fire that destroyed Freedom Billiards, 350 Huffman Ave., is still not determined, according to Dayton’s Assistant Fire Chief Paul Sheehan. The fire is still being considered suspicious, Sheehan said Monday.

Freedom Billiards is a cue sport supplies store in Dayton OH owned by Bill Erby, a member here on the Billiards Forum. It opened in the fall of 2009.

Here are the facts as reported by a local Dayton, OH news outlet:

A fire destroyed the billiards supply building Sunday morning in a commercial-residential area just north of U.S. 35, leaving unsupported walls that city firefighters arranged to have quickly demolished to eliminate the safety hazard.

Fire destroyed Freedom Billiards, owned by Bill Erby, in Dayton, OH

Bill Erby, owner of Freedom Billiards, walked the fire scene Monday morning. He declined to comment, stating only that he was having a bad day.

No injuries were reported in the blaze that gutted Freedom Billiards at 350 Huffman Ave. According to Vincent Wiley, a Dayton, OH Fire Dept. district chief, it could be days before the wreckage cools enough so that investigators can safely examine it to determine whether anyone had been inside.

The fire was reported to Montgomery County’s regional dispatch center at 8:07 a.m. Investigators will determine whether the blaze was intentionally started. Wiley said, however, that it being considered suspicious as fire crews found an unsecured door.

Firefighters were able to halt the flames’ advance in a structure which connected the gutted building to the next-door R.L. Fender Construction Co. at 362 Huffman Ave., saving the construction company’s building, Wiley said. Winds blew the gray smoke and bits of ash toward the homes of families across Huffman Avenue and for blocks beyond.

Wiley estimated the property loss at $250,000. The structure, which included one- and two-story sections at the intersection of Huffman and St. Jude avenues, was gutted, with only exterior walls standing. Firefighters called for a bulldozer crew to demolish those walls Sunday, Wiley said.

Scott Erby, Bill's brother, said Sunday that it was unlikely that anyone was inside because the billiard retailer was normally closed on Sundays. The company sold billiards supplies, offered a place to shoot pool, and also included a landscaping division in the rear of the building, Scott Erby said. The business had been at the Huffman location for over a year, according to Bill Erby.

We're wishing Bill and his team all the best in coming back from the loss.

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  • Published: 10/22/2010 9:26:38 AM
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